Port of Ceuta: Powering Global Shipping with Excellence in Bunkering

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In the bustling heart of the Strait of Gibraltar stands the Port of Ceuta, a maritime gem embodying a legacy of excellence, sustainability, and innovation. Strategically positioned within the Spanish enclave of Ceuta in North Africa, this port serves as a vital artery connecting continents and fostering global trade. With over 100,000 vessels navigating its waters annually, the port’s significance transcends mere geography, resonating as a beacon of maritime prowess and environmental stewardship.

Port of Ceuta

Bunkering For More Than 100 Years

The Port of Ceuta has earned its reputation as a premier bunkering hub, offering a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of maritime operators. Renowned for its tax-free bunkering and zero-duty advantages, the port presents a compelling financial proposition for vessels transiting between Europe and Africa. Its strategic location at the crossroads of global trade routes ensures convenient access for vessels navigating the busy shipping lanes of the Strait of Gibraltar.

Operational Efficiency and Swift Turnaround Times

Moreover, the port’s operational efficiency guarantees swift turnaround times, reducing downtime for vessels and enhancing overall productivity. Its state-of-the-art infrastructure, including dedicated berths, storage tanks, pipelines, and loading equipment, facilitates seamless fuel transfer operations round the clock. Trained personnel and robust safety protocols ensure smooth and secure bunkering operations, further solidifying the port’s reputation as a reliable and efficient bunkering destination.

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Proactive Approach to Environmental Sustainability

Its commitment to environmental sustainability is further underscored by the provision of low-sulfur fuels, demonstrating a proactive approach towards reducing emissions and mitigating environmental impact. The port’s dedication to upholding the highest standards of environmental management is evident through its ISO 14001 certification. Rigorous control measures, including risk assessment programs and monitoring protocols, ensure the integrity of fuel supplies and minimize environmental risks.

Strategic Alliances and Sustainability Initiatives:

The Port of Ceuta’s commitment to excellence extends beyond its bunkering operations, encompassing a holistic approach to environmental stewardship and sustainability. Through strategic alliances with esteemed industry associations like MedCruise and CLIA, the port fosters collaboration and innovation within the maritime community. Additionally, the port spearheads initiatives aimed at reducing its carbon footprint, optimizing energy consumption, and enhancing energy performance.

Additional Port Services

A comprehensive range of complementary port services awaits at the Port of Ceuta, ensuring the seamless operation and welfare of vessels and crew. From essential hull cleaning and inspections to facilitating crew changes and delivering vital documentation such as nautical charts, the port caters to diverse maritime needs. Additionally, it offers a spectrum of supplies including water and oil, along with repair services to address any maintenance requirements promptly. Ensuring the well-being of all involved, the port provides health services while conducting bunker surveys and facilitating waste removal in adherence to MARPOL regulations, reaffirming its commitment to environmental sustainability.

Lorena Carmona Rodríguez, Assistant Director at the Port Authority of Ceuta, highlighted: “Our port’s strategic location, paired with our unwavering dedication to excellence and sustainability, cements our status as the top choice for bunkering services. We prioritize efficiency and eco-friendly solutions, ensuring seamless operations for vessels in the bustling Strait.”

In recent years, the Port of Ceuta has witnessed a remarkable surge in marine fuel supply volumes, solidifying its position as a key player in the industry. Supplying a diverse array of vessels, including cargo ships, tankers, container vessels, cruise ships, and naval vessels, the port offers a wide range of marine fuels to meet the evolving needs of shipping operators. From heavy fuel oil (HFO) to marine gas oil (MGO) and low-sulfur fuels (VLSFO) and (LSMGO) compliant with international environmental regulations such as IMO 2020, the port caters to the specific requirements of each vessel.

In 2023, bunker fuel supply at the Port of Ceuta was significant, focusing on low-sulfur fuels and strict environmental rules. A total of 762,118 tons were supplied, with Ducar through Vilma Oil and Cepsa contributing 241,566 tons at the dock. This shows the port’s commitment to eco-friendly bunkering options. Most of the supply, including VLSFO, meets rigorous environmental regulations and IMO standards.

Port of Ceuta Bunker Supply barge

Efficient Bunker Operations with Mass Flow Meters on Barge Supplies

Bunker barge The SPABUNKER is back at the Port of Ceuta after a five-year break, fully equipped and ready for bunkering operations. With advanced technology like MFM mass meters (Mass Flow Meter), it promises top-notch service. Currently, at our Poniente dock, the vessel “LIDER BULUT” from Cartagena, under the flag of Cameroon, is supplying fuel by barge. It’s 142 meters long and has a Gross Tonnage (GT) of 15,224.

In summary, the Port of Ceuta shines as a leading maritime hub, combining strategic advantages, bunkering proficiency, and sustainability initiatives. Positioned as a gateway between continents, its commitment to efficiency and environmental responsibility ensures a bright future for global trade and cruise tourism.

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