VPS Seminar in China: Fuel Quality, New Fuels and Decarbonisation

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New Fuels and Fuel Quality Seminar

VPS, a leading provider of marine fuel testing and advisory services, is set to host a comprehensive seminar addressing the pressing issues surrounding fuel quality, the adoption of new fuels, and the challenges of decarbonization in the shipping industry. The seminar aims to equip industry stakeholders with the necessary knowledge and insights to navigate the evolving landscape of sustainable shipping practices.

Scheduled for Thursday, March 28th, 2024, from 09:00 to 12:00, the event will feature a lineup of esteemed speakers and industry experts who will delve into crucial topics such as the efficacy of biofuels, smart fuel management strategies, and the imperative of energy efficiency measures.

Mr. Wu Zhong Qing, Director of the Shipping Development and Promotion Center of Pudong New Area Shanghai, along with Mr. Zhang Wei, Director of MSA Shanghai, will kick off the proceedings with a welcome address, setting the tone for the informative sessions to follow.

The seminar will commence with Capt. Rahul Choudhuri, President of Strategic Partnerships at VPS, leading Session 1, focusing on the challenges associated with fuel quality and the integration of new fuels into existing shipping frameworks. Following this, Mr. James Huang, Senior Vice President at DNV, will take the stage to discuss the intricacies of shipping decarbonization and the industry’s path towards sustainability.

A brief tea break will provide attendees with the opportunity to network and engage in discussions before reconvening for a panel discussion featuring prominent industry figures. The panel, moderated by Capt. Rahul Choudhuri, will include representatives from key organizations such as CHIMBUSCO, DNV, GARD, GREEN MARINE GROUP, THE METHANOL INSTITUTE, and SDARI. Together, they will explore diverse perspectives on shipping rules, application, and pragmatic management strategies in the context of decarbonization.

The seminar will conclude at 12:00, followed by a networking lunch, offering participants the chance to continue conversations and forge valuable connections.

The event will take place at the prestigious 30th Floor of Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai, China, with support from the Pudong New Area Government.


  • Thursday, 28th March 2024
  • 09:00 – 12:00


  • 09:00: Registration and Coffee
  • 09:30: Welcome and Opening Speech
    • Mr Wu Zhong Qing, Director, Shipping Development and Promotion Center of Pudong New Area Shanghai
    • Mr Zhang Wei, Director, MSA Shanghai
  • 09:40: Session 1: Fuel Quality & New Fuels Challenges
    • by Capt. Rahul Choudhuri, President Strategic Partnerships, VPS
  • 10:10: Session 2: Shipping Decarbonization Challenges
    • by Mr James Huang, Senior Vice President, DNV
  • 10:40: Teabreak
  • 11:00: Panel Discussion with Industry Experts
    • CHIMBUSCO, Mr Tian Ming, General Manager, Enterprise Mgmt & Development Div.
    • DNV, Mr Li Ling, Head of Technical Support, DNV Maritime Greater China
    • GARD, Mr Yang Yang, Senior Lawyer, Defence/Charterers & Traders Claims Asia
    • GREEN MARINE GROUP, Mr Donnie Bagang, Managing Director
    • THE METHANOL INSTITUTE, Mr Zhao Kai, Chief Representative China
    • SDARI, Mr Li Xin, Director, Innovation Center
    • VPS, Capt. Rahul Choudhuri as Moderator
  • 12:00: End of seminar followed by lunch


  • 30th Floor, Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai, China
  • Seminar Support unit: Pudong New Area Government

Registration for the seminar is now open on a first-come, first-served basis, with limited availability. Interested parties are encouraged to secure their spots by registering before the deadline on March 22nd.

For registration and further information, please visit click here.

VPS remains committed to driving innovation and collaboration within the maritime industry, facilitating dialogue and knowledge exchange to address the challenges of decarbonization and sustainable fuel adoption effectively.

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