Seatrium and ABS Unite for Decarbonization and Energy Transition

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Seatrium and ABS on Energy Transition

Seatrium, a global provider of engineering solutions to the offshore, marine, and energy industries, has announced a three-year Technology Collaboration Agreement (TCA) with American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2024 in Houston, Texas. This agreement builds on the successful history of collaboration between the two organizations and aims to accelerate decarbonization and energy transition in the maritime and offshore sectors.

The TCA with ABS, aptly titled “Accelerating Decarbonisation & Energy Transition,” will focus on four key themes: Decarbonization, Electrification, New Energies, and Digital Transformation. The goal is to develop and commercialize green retrofit products and services, including but not limited to carbon capture, energy efficiency enhancement measures such as air lubrication systems and wind-assisted propulsion, as well as the integration of low/zero-carbon energy sources on offshore assets, electrification, and digital technologies.

Mr. Chris Ong, CEO of Seatrium, said, “Seatrium is making significant strides in our visionary approach to engineering a sustainable, low-carbon energy future. This progress is achievable through pivotal industry collaborations with organizations like ABS. We are more than just partners; we are natural allies united by a shared mission and driven by a powerful vision for a sustainable future. ABS and Seatrium have achieved great successes through our previous collaborations, and we are committed to harnessing our distinct strengths and capabilities to push the boundaries and transform the way we approach decarbonization, energy transition, and digital transformation.”

Dr. Christopher J. Wiernicki, Chairman, and CEO of ABS, said, “Together, ABS and Seatrium have a remarkable history of pioneering the technological frontiers in the marine and offshore industries. Our shared vision for the future, combined with our twin cultures of innovation and collaboration, mean we are well-placed to safely deliver the rapid technological advance our industry needs if we are to meet emissions targets and capitalize on the opportunities offered by decarbonization and digitalization.”

About ABS

ABS, a leading global provider of classification and technical advisory services to the marine and offshore industries, is committed to setting standards for safety and excellence in design and construction. Focused on the safe and practical application of advanced technologies and digital solutions, ABS works with industry and clients to develop accurate and cost-effective compliance, optimized performance, and operational efficiency for marine and offshore assets.

About Seatrium Limited

Seatrium Limited provides innovative engineering solutions to the global offshore, marine, and energy industries. Headquartered in Singapore, the Group has over 60 years of track record in the design and construction of rigs, floaters, offshore platforms, and specialized vessels, as well as in the repair, upgrading, and conversion of different ship types.

The Group’s key business segments include Oil & Gas Newbuilds and Conversions, Offshore Renewables, Repairs & Upgrades, and New Energies, with a growing focus on sustainable solutions to advance the global energy transition and maritime decarbonization.

As a premier global player offering offshore renewables, new energies, and cleaner offshore & marine solutions, Seatrium is committed to delivering high standards of safety, quality, and performance to its customers, which include major energy companies, vessel owners and operators, shipping companies, and cruise and ferry operators.

Seatrium operates shipyards, engineering & technology centers, and facilities in Singapore, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Norway, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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