VPS Welcomes New COO Digital and Decarbonisation

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VPS new COO appointment

World Leading Maritime Decarbonisation Advisory Services company VPS, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jan Wilhelmsson, as the company’s new COO Digital & Decarbonisation. In this role, Jan will lead the strategic initiatives aimed at advancing VPS’s digital and decarbonisation efforts. His leadership will play an essential role in steering the company towards sustainability and innovation in decarbonisation advisory services.

Jan brings with him extensive cross functional experience in driving maritime digital transformation for operational efficiency and carbon reduction. At the start of his career 30 years ago, he sailed and reached Master unlimited certification, followed by a fast-ascending commercial shipping career, operating large fleets. Since 2013 Jan has fully focused on digital transformation and decarbonisation across the shipping industry. Also, within transformation he has held top corporate positions as Chief Digital Officer for a world leading independent operator of tankers, as well as various top management positions and board assignments across the maritime tech industry.

Dr. Malcolm Cooper, VPS CEO, stated: “With growing complexity and our clear strategy to become the world leading decarbonisation advisory service in our sectors, we are very pleased to have Jan onboard to drive a consolidated decarbonisation strategy for our Emissions Measuring, Software Development and Fuel Testing Data capabilities.”

“The recent and upcoming emissions regulations will require a better understanding how different fuels affect what goes out the chimney.” Said Jan Wilhelmsson. “In order to truly reduce emissions going forward, we need to better understand the composition of the fuels used, how they were sourced, how they are burned, and the complexity of the total emissions. I am very excited to work with teams that are true experts across the carbon chain, combining fuel testing with emissions measurement and operational efficiency. Together, we will develop the digital tools necessary for true decarbonisation that the industry needs”.

About VPS

VPS is a world-leading maritime decarbonisation advisory services company, dedicated to innovation and sustainability. We are the pioneers of marine fuel testing industry with over 40 years of experience. Today, we continue to develop our deep technical knowledge and innovation into new technologies and test methods, solidifying our position as industry leaders.

As the global service provider of choice for testing and inspection services to the maritime industry, VPS operates through five state-of-the-art laboratories, supported by a widespread network of commercial and technical advisory teams. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has established us as the clear market leader.

At VPS, our purpose goes beyond business success. We are driven by a mission to protect our customers, our people and the environment. By testing and inspecting fuel and oil in the Marine and Power industries, we gather crucial information that allows us to provide advice based on legislative and technical specifications. Our guidance empowers our customers to enhance their business performance by optimising resource utilisation, minimising environmental emissions, and fostering sustainable operations.

The decarbonisation of the maritime industry poses a significant challenge in the coming decades, specifically towards 2030 and 2050. VPS assumes a critical role in this transformative journey. We leverage our expertise to support our customers in reducing their carbon footprint and actively contribute to a more sustainable future. In line with our commitments to sustainability, we have developed digital products and acquired businesses focused on providing tools and solutions for greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

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