Port of Rotterdam Authority Appoints Boudewijn Siemons as CEO

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Boudewijn Siemons CEO of Rotterdam Port

In a significant leadership transition, Boudewijn Siemons has been appointed CEO of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, effective from February 1, 2024. Following the departure of Allard Castelein last summer, Siemons has served as CEO on an interim basis alongside his position as COO. The Executive Board of the Port Authority now comprises Boudewijn Siemons as CEO and interim COO, along with Vivienne de Leeuw as CFO. The process of appointing a new COO is currently underway.

Siemons, with a background as interim CEO since July 15, 2023, and COO since October 2020, has been appointed for the next four years by the shareholders of the Port Authority, including the municipality of Rotterdam and the Dutch national government, following the recommendation of the Supervisory Board.

Koos Timmermans, the chair of the Supervisory Board, expressed satisfaction with the appointment, highlighting Siemons excellent leadership capabilities and his role as a genuine bridge-builder. Siemons brings extensive experience from the maritime sector, infrastructure, and the energy transition.

Boudewijn Siemons expressed his commitment to the future resilience of the port, emphasizing its role in connecting Europe with the world through logistics chains. Siemons, who started his career in the Royal Netherlands Navy in 1987, brings a wealth of experience, having held various management positions at Royal VolkerWessels and serving as President of Royal Vopak’s Americas division.

The Port of Rotterdam’s comprehensive approach positions it as a beacon of sustainability and innovation, steering the shipping industry towards a more environmentally conscious and responsible future. As a pivotal player in the sector, Rotterdam actively facilitates safe storage and bunkering operations, accelerating the adoption of sustainable fuels.

In envisioning itself as the “bunker port of the future,” Rotterdam reaffirms its commitment to empowering shipping companies to choose the most suitable sustainable fuel for their operations. The port’s dedication extends beyond fuel availability, aiming to shape a maritime sector that prioritizes environmental responsibility and embraces the challenges and opportunities of sustainable bunkering.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority aims to enhance the port’s competitive position as a logistics hub and world-class industrial complex. Their core tasks include sustainable development, management, and operation of the port, as well as providing efficient and secure services for shipping. Siemons, with his passion for the port, is set to lead the organization in shaping a resilient and forward-looking future for the port of Rotterdam.

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