Brazil Acelen’s MGO Growth Triumph in International Markets

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Acelen, a leading global supplier of marine fuels based in Brazil, is celebrating a historic achievement with its rapidly growing product, Marine Gas Oil (MGO). This product, designed for small and medium-sized vessels, as well as marine auxiliary engines, has quickly become a standout in Acelen’s diverse portfolio. Since its launch just last year, Acelen has strategically expanded its commercialization efforts, both domestically and on the international stage.

Presently, Acelen exports an impressive 50 thousand cubic meters of MGO per month, reflecting an extraordinary growth rate of 763% in just one year. This remarkable success can be attributed to several factors, including the impactful modernization of the Mataripe Refinery, a pivotal asset located in Bahia, Brazil. As an energy company backed by the Mubadala Capital Fund, Acelen is actively contributing to the development of Brazil’s energy sector and participating in the nation’s ongoing energy transition.

Cristiano da Costa, Executive Vice President – Commercial, Trading, and Shipping of Acelen, emphasized the company’s commitment to excellence, safety, responsibility, and transparency. Inspired by the principles of Excellence, Acceleration, and Energy, Acelen infuses these values into every aspect of its operations, creating opportunities, stimulating growth, and supporting the nation’s development.

The Mataripe Refinery, operational for over 70 years, has seen substantial investments exceeding R$ 1 billion, aimed at modernization, team development, community engagement, and environmental impact reduction. Acelen’s commitment to the highest global performance and governance standards is evident in its pursuit of excellence.

Since its inception in 2021, Acelen’s trajectory has been marked by advancement and challenges, culminating in significant accomplishments in its first year of operation in Brazil. As Acelen celebrates remarkable growth and export milestones, the company remains dedicated to accelerating progress in the years to come, fostering trust with customers, partners, employees, and local communities. Acelen’s journey is driven by productivity, sustainability, and a resolute commitment to shaping a new chapter in the history of the Mataripe Refinery.

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