Vitol Team up with ZeroNorth to Digitalise Asian Bunker Deliveries

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Vitol zeronorth on digitalisation ebdn

Vitol Bunkers and its logistics arm, V-bunkers are collaborating with ZeroNorth to enhance the efficiency of the bunkering process in Singapore through digitalisation. Vitol Bunkers, based in Singapore, will be among the first suppliers to embrace use of an electronic bunker delivery note (eBDN), which will eventually replace the physical documents that are currently still required.

ZeroNorth is one of the few companies that has been approved by Singapore’s Maritime & Port Authority to provide this service. Shifting from hard-copy BDNs to e-BDNs, according to MPA, can save close to 40,000 man-days per year for the bunker industry. It will also propel higher quality and access to important data points for the greater energy transition. IMO approved the use of e-BDNs during the 80th meeting of its Marine Environment Protection Committee in 2023.

V-Bunkers has delivered over 7 million tons of bunker fuels in 2023 for its customers, which was also a record year for Singapore. Its barges delivered around 190,000 tons of biofuels, which is nearly 36% of total biofuels volume delivered in Singapore last year.

Rishab Bahl, Managing Director at V-Bunkers, said “We have chosen ZeroNorth as our partner to help digitalise our delivery process with their eBDN solution. Their deep domain knowledge, a secure and strong solution, and commitment to continuous investments towards digitalisation align well with our objectives for a global roll-out.”

Kenneth Juhls, Managing Director for ZeroNorth Bunker added “Digitalising the bunker industry is a game-changer that accelerates the green transition. Our partnership with Vitol Bunkers marks significant strides towards innovative and sustainable industry practices, and we’re excited to see how Singapore’s leadership influences this globally.”

About Vitol

Vitol stands as a trailblazer in the energy sector, boasting a comprehensive presence across the entire energy spectrum, ranging from oil and power to renewables and carbon credits. Leveraging our expertise, we play a vital role in the global distribution of energy. Our operations involve sourcing from producers, refiners, and intermediaries, and efficiently delivering to refineries, utilities, airlines, retail distribution networks, wholesalers, and other trading partners. A key facet of our role involves managing the inherent physical risks associated with the intricate process of moving energy.

Our global footprint is evident in our daily trade of over 7 million barrels of crude oil and products, coupled with the chartering of approximately 6,200 ship voyages annually. With a presence in more than 40 offices worldwide, Vitol actively seeks to add value across the entire energy supply chain.

About ZeroNorth

ZeroNorth leads the green transition of the shipping industry together with its partners and customers, using technology and turning data into actions to support the dual aims of maximising business while also supporting the drive towards decarbonisation. 

The ZeroNorth platform helps vessel owners and operators to optimise voyage, vessel and bunkers to immediately reduce CO2 emissions, supporting the industry’s decarbonisation journey. The company has its headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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