KPI OceanConnect Concludes Successful LNG Bunker Delivery in Malaysia

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KPI Oceanconnect LNG Bunkering PETRONAS

KPI OceanConnect, in collaboration with PETRONAS, has achieved a significant milestone with the successful delivery of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the MSC Thais, marking a historic moment as the first mega-sized container vessel in Malaysia to be fueled with LNG.

The momentous event took place on January 12th, at Pulau Kukup anchorage, where MSC Thais, a 15,600 TEU container vessel, received 1600 tonnes of LNG from PETRONAS Titan Vision.

The use of LNG as a marine fuel is a groundbreaking development that offers a viable pathway to lower carbon emissions across the shipping industry. This successful delivery underscores the increasing availability of LNG for bunkering in ports worldwide, highlighting its potential as a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for the maritime sector.

KPI OceanConnect is proud to join forces with industry leaders like MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company to drive the development of crucial infrastructure that meets the rising demand for sustainable marine energy solutions. This collaboration exemplifies a shared commitment to advancing cleaner and greener practices within the maritime community.

As one of the world’s largest and most experienced independent marine fuels service and solutions providers, KPI OceanConnect was formed through the merger of KPI Bridge Oil and OceanConnect Marine. Since 1971, the company’s dedicated global team of 170 professionals has been delivering trusted expert advice and services to the international shipping community. Operating across every major maritime hub and time zone, KPI OceanConnect has established offices in Athens, Doha, Dubai, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Jakarta, London, Miami, Middelfart, New York, Rotterdam, Seattle, Seoul, Singapore, and Tokyo. This extensive global presence positions KPI OceanConnect as a key player in shaping the future of sustainable marine energy solutions.

The successful delivery of LNG to the MSC Thais represents not only a momentous achievement for KPI OceanConnect and PETRONAS but also a significant step forward in the maritime industry’s transition toward more sustainable and environmentally conscious practices.

KPI Oceanconnect LNG Bunkering MSC

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