Seaside LNG Announces Two Milestone First LNG Bunkering Operations

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Seaside LNG Bunkering barge Clean Everglades

Seaside LNG, a leading provider of LNG production, LNG Bunkering and maritime transportation logistics, proudly announces two groundbreaking milestones with the successful completion of its first deliveries to the Carnival Jubilee and the Clean Everglades. Historic LNG Bunkering Operations.

Seaside LNG Sets U.S. Gulf Coast Record with First In-Port Ship-to-Ship LNG Bunkering Operation

In a historic achievement, Seaside LNG announces its first delivery to the Carnival Jubilee, an LNG propelled cruise ship stationed in Galveston, Texas. This milestone follows Seaside LNG’s term bunkering agreement with Carnival Corporation & plc, the delivery took place on December 30, 2023, after months of careful coordination with all parties involved, including the Port of Galveston. This operation marked the first in port ship-to-ship LNG bunkering delivery not only in Galveston but also along the entire U.S. Gulf Coast. 

Seaside LNG’s bunkering barge, the Clean Jacksonville, was strategically relocated from Jacksonville, Florida, to Galveston to serve the Texas Gulf Coast. With a remarkable safety record of over 350 bunkering operations, the Clean Jacksonville played a crucial role in making this historic delivery possible.

Newest Fleet Member, Clean Everglades, Completes Inaugural LNG Bunkering Operation

Simultaneously, Seaside LNG celebrated the inaugural delivery of the Clean Everglades, Clean Everglades is the newest addition to Seaside LNG fleet. The articulated tug barge, with a capacity of 5,500 cubic meters of LNG, completed its first delivery to Isla Bella at the TOTE Maritime’s terminal near Jacksonville, Florida. This operation was part of TOTE’s long-term service contract with Seaside’s maritime transportation company, Polaris New Energy.

TOTE Services, serving as Seaside’s operating partner for both the Clean Jacksonville and Clean Everglades, continues to contribute to the success of Seaside LNG’s operations.

“The Seaside LNG team is excited to start 2024 off strong with these two deliveries. We appreciate the trust our customers put in us to arrange these important fueling operations. We also recognize TOTE Services for their contributions as a reliable operating partner.” noted Tim Casey, CEO of Seaside LNG. “As the demand for LNG as a cleaner maritime fuel continues to grow, our team and barge fleet are ready to deliver.”

Clean Canaveral Lng Bunkering Jacksonville
LNG Bunkering Operations

About Seaside LNG

Seaside LNG provides LNG production. LNG Bunkering and maritime transportation logistics to meet the growing demand for LNG, a cleaner alternative fuel, to customers in the maritime, aerospace and transportation industries. Seaside owns 50% of JAX LNG, a small-scale (360,000 gallons/day) LNG production facility operating two trains in Jacksonville, Florida, and a 100% ownership stake in an LNG bunkering barge operation through Polaris New Energy (PNE). PNE, the bunkering arm of Seaside LNG, maintains the largest fleet of Jones Act-compliant bunkering vessels in the U.S., including Clean Canaveral, Clean Jacksonville and tug Polaris, and Clean Everglades and tug Tortuga. PNE’s bunkering operation is compatible with several vessel types, including cruise ships, containerships, tankers, and car carriers. Seaside continues to pioneer the buildout of LNG bunkering in the U.S. and looks to continue to grow its market leading geographic reach and Jones Act LNG barge fleet to additional ports soon. In October 2023, Seaside welcomed its newest barge, the Clean Everglades.

About TOTE Services

TOTE Services LLC is a U.S.-based company providing ship management services, vessel construction management and technical solutions to meet the needs of commercial, privately-owned, and U.S. Government vessels. Since 2015, TOTE Services has overseen construction and management of the world’s first LNG-powered container ships, activated U.S. training ships to support disaster relief, and managed many MARAD vessels. TOTE Services, along with TOTE Maritime Alaska, LLC and TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico, LLC, are part of TOTE Group, LLC. TOTE Group is a member of the Saltchuk family of companies. 

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