Price Collaboration: Shipergy’s Innovative Venture with GX

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In a groundbreaking move, Shipergy, leading innovator in marine fuel trading, has joined forces with General Index (GX), a pioneer in tech-led commodity pricing benchmarks. This strategic partnership heralds a new era of transparency in marine fuel pricing through cutting-edge data-driven solutions.

Key highlights of the collaboration include:

  1. Data Exchange via API:
    • Shipergy commits to providing daily pricing data for various marine fuel grades and locations to GX through an advanced API link.
  2. Algorithm Integration:
    • GX will incorporate Shipergy’s pricing data into its algorithmic framework, elevating the accuracy and relevance of its daily bunker benchmarks.
  3. Accessible Benchmarking on ‘The Wave’:
    • Enhanced benchmarks resulting from this collaboration will be accessible to Shipergy’s clients through its sophisticated platform, ‘The Wave.’ This integration promises real-time insights, offering users a transparent view of fuel pricing dynamics.

Daniel Rose, CEO of Shipergy, emphasized the significance of this partnership, stating, “Our partnership with General Index is a pivotal development in our ongoing commitment to demystify marine fuel pricing. By integrating cutting-edge benchmarking into ‘The Wave,’ we’re equipping our clients with the data they need to make informed, strategic decisions in fuel procurement.”

Neil Bradford, Founder and CEO of General Index, shared his enthusiasm, saying, “We’re excited to partner with Shipergy and enhance our global marine fuel benchmarks. Their robust digital tools and services align perfectly with the GX values of bringing price transparency to a market that for too long has had to suffer with opaque methodologies and inaccurate pricing.”

This collaboration aims to redefine the standards of pricing transparency in the marine fuel sector, with Shipergy and General Index dedicated to harnessing the power of data to streamline and enhance decision-making in marine fuel trading. The partnership reflects a shared commitment to leveraging technology for a more transparent and efficient future in the marine fuel industry.

About Shipergy Ltd

Shipergy Ltd is a tech-led bunker procurement and trading company that leverages innovative technologies to deliver efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable marine fuel solutions. Headquartered in London, Shipergy is committed to helping its clients navigate the fuel procurement challenges of an ever-changing maritime industry while meeting environmental and regulatory requirements.

About General Index (GX)

General Index (GX) stands as a pioneering force in global markets, delivering unparalleled price transparency. As the world’s premier pure play benchmark provider, we meticulously aggregate trade data to construct a comprehensive overview of market activities. Our commitment is further underscored by the application of algorithmic index methodologies—ensuring consistency, accuracy, and the absence of subjective judgment.

Holding authorization from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a benchmark administrator, we steadfastly comply with EU and UK Benchmark Regulation. Since our inception in 2020, we’ve experienced substantial growth, fostering partnerships with some of the world’s largest energy producers and traders. At the core of our mission is the infusion of technology to craft superior benchmarks that objectively price the world’s trade.

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