PIL and CCSWR Unite to Explore Green Solutions for Shipping

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PIL and CCSWR partnership

Pacific International Lines (PIL), a leading global shipping line, has taken a significant stride towards greener shipping practices by teaming up with the China Classification Society Wuhan Rules And Research Institute (CCSWR). The partnership, sealed with a Memorandum of Understanding signed on April 15, marks a commitment to tackle decarbonisation in the shipping sector and beyond.

In a ceremony witnessed by top executives from both parties, including PIL CEO Mr. Lars Kastrup and CCS President Mr. Sun Feng, the MOU was inked by PIL’s Head of Fleet Division, Mr. Goh Chung Hun, and CCSWR’s Director, Mr. Gan Shaowei.

The collaboration between PIL and CCSWR will delve into various avenues aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions from vessels. Key areas of focus include:

  • Exploration of alternative fuels and implementation of onboard carbon capture and storage systems.
  • Joint efforts in establishing green marine fuel supply chains.
  • Ensuring compliance with sustainability regulations.
  • Sharing knowledge on marine green fuel bunkering.
  • Upgrading personnel skills on new technologies and best practices.

Emphasizing its commitment to sustainability, PIL sees this collaboration as a strategic move towards a greener future. By joining forces with CCSWR and other like-minded partners, PIL aims to amplify its efforts in reducing the environmental impact of the shipping industry. Through innovation and cooperation, the companies aspire to pave the way for a more sustainable and eco-friendlier maritime sector, ensuring a better world for generations to come.

About Pacific International Lines (PIL)

Incorporated in 1967, Pacific International Lines (PIL) has solidified its position as the 12th largest container shipping line globally, while proudly standing as the largest indigenous carrier in Southeast Asia. Originating from modest beginnings as a ship-owner in Singapore, PIL has burgeoned into a formidable global entity with a strategic focus on pivotal regions including China, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and Oceania.

Alongside its affiliated companies Mariana Express Lines (MELL) and Malaysia Shipping Corporation, PIL extends its reach to over 500 locations across more than 90 countries, facilitated by a fleet encompassing approximately 100 container and multi-purpose vessels. Beyond its core liner shipping operations, PIL diversifies its portfolio to encompass container manufacturing, depot services, and logistics. Anchored by its mission of “Driving Connectivity,” PIL is dedicated to meeting the varied needs of its clientele by delivering value-adding services and maintaining seamless connectivity across its extensive global network.

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