Electrochaea and Erik Thun Discuss e-Methane off-take as Marine Fuel

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Erik Thun e methane electrochaea

In a significant step towards sustainable shipping, Electrochaea and Erik Thun AB have announced negotiations for the off-take of e-methane to be utilized as marine fuel. This collaboration marks a pivotal move towards reducing carbon emissions in the maritime industry.

Electrochaea, through its subsidiary BioCAT Roslev Aps in Denmark, is set to produce e-methane utilizing its patented bio-methanation technology. The process involves the use of renewable power from wind to produce green hydrogen, which is then combined with CO2 from biogas production to generate e-methane. This eco-friendly fuel will be integrated into the Danish gas grid, contributing to the decarbonization efforts across Europe.

Erik Thun AB, a leading shipping company, intends to utilize e-methane to replace fossil-based LNG fuel in its vessels. This strategic shift aligns with the company’s commitment to sustainability and its endeavor to lead the transition towards renewable fuels in the maritime sector. Notably, Erik Thun AB aims to operate its existing LNG fleet without necessitating propulsion system replacements, thereby facilitating a smoother transition to cleaner energy sources.

Johan Källsson, Managing Director of Erik Thun AB, underscored the critical importance of sustainability in the maritime industry, emphasizing the company’s dedication to integrating renewable fuels into its operations. Källsson expressed pride in the collaboration with Electrochaea and the pioneering role they play in substituting fossil fuels with renewable e-methane. He highlighted the company’s commitment to constructing, maintaining, and operating vessels with advanced designs and minimal carbon footprints.

Doris Hafenbradl, Electrochaea’s CTO and Managing Director, lauded the potential of e-methane in decarbonizing the maritime sector, emphasizing the benefits of Electrochaea’s bio-methanation technology. The negotiation of e-methane off-take with Erik Thun AB signifies a crucial step towards providing low-carbon fuel for the maritime industry and underscores the growing interest in sustainable shipping solutions.

About Electrochaea

headquartered in Munich, Germany, is a pioneer in synthetic methane production technology, offering a renewable alternative to fossil natural gas. The company’s innovative process not only addresses climate change concerns but also provides a solution for the long-term storage of intermittent renewable energy.

About Erik Thun AB

Family-owned business in its third generation, owns and operates nearly 50 vessels, with seven currently fueled by LNG. This collaboration with Electrochaea reflects the company’s commitment to embracing sustainable practices and driving positive environmental change in the maritime sector.

The negotiations between Electrochaea and Erik Thun AB herald a promising partnership that could significantly contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the maritime industry while paving the way for a more sustainable future.

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