AQUAS Redefines Marine Fuel Solutions in the Aegean Region

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Aquas Bunkers Turkey

AQUAS, the maritime endeavor of AS YAKIT PETROL Türkiye (Turkey), is making significant strides in the bunkering industry with the introduction of its innovative “Customised Bunker Fuel Solutions” in Turkey’s Aegean region. This marks a pivotal expansion for AS YAKIT PETROL, a leading trading company of petroleum products in Turkey’s domestic market since 1966, as it diversifies its portfolio into marine fuel supply under the esteemed AQUAS brand.

Under the astute leadership of industry veteran Osman DAGCIOGLU and the guidance of Sales & Operations Manager Erhan SEYHAN, AQUAS is poised to redefine customer-centricity in bunkering operations.

Following the acquisition of the requisite license from the Turkish Energy Authority in late 2023, AQUAS swiftly initiated its physical bunker supply operations, initially targeting the Aegean region. Guided by the core principle of “Customised Bunker Fuel Solutions,” the company is dedicated to providing unparalleled service customised to meet the unique requirements of maritime clients.

The rollout of “Customised Bunker Fuel Solutions” heralds a groundbreaking approach to bunker fuel supply, offering bespoke strategies meticulously crafted to optimize efficiency and convenience for customers. Drawing upon the extensive expertise of AS YAKIT PETROL in the fuel sector, AQUAS delivers added value throughout the entire bunker supply chain.

With aspirations to emerge as a key player in the bunkering arena, AQUAS strategically plans to expand its physical bunker operations, with future services set to include Istanbul. Presently, the company’s physical supply areas span crucial locations across the Aegean region, ensuring comprehensive coverage for its clientele.

AQUAS Bunkers

From Akcansa to Marmaris and every port in between, AQUAS is committed to delivering unparalleled service excellence, setting new standards of quality and reliability in the bunkering industry. With its steadfast commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, AQUAS is poised to transform the bunkering landscape, emerging as the preferred provider of customised bunker solutions in the Aegean region and beyond.

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