Erhan Seyhan Takes Helm at AQUAS Bunkers for Bunkering Innovation

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Erhan Seyhan Bunker Manager at AQUAS Bunker

Erhan Seyhan steps into the role of Sales and Operations Manager at AQUAS Bunkers Türkiye (Turkey), leveraging over a decade of maritime expertise to drive forward local bunker fuel supply solutions. Previously, with a distinguished background in marine fuel sales and operations management at Asmira Group and marine sales with AS-MİRA bunkering, Seyhan brings unparalleled insight and leadership to his new position.

Under Seyhan’s leadership as Sales & Operations Manager, AQUAS Bunkers aims to maintain its status as a leading local bunker supplier of marine fuels, emphasizing reliability and customer satisfaction. The company’s extensive network of supply points across Turkey, coupled with Seyhan’s dedication and experience, positions AQUAS Bunkers to meet the diverse fueling needs of clients efficiently and effectively.

Since 1966, AS YAKIT Petrol has stood as one of Turkey’s largest domestic dealers of PETROL OFISI, boasting its own fleet of trucks and stations. Renowned for its extensive experience and historical significance, AS YAKIT now expands its operations into the bunkering business under the banner of AQUAS Bunkers – “The Art of Fueling”.

Embracing the ethos of “ART OF FUELING,” AQUAS Bunkers under Seyhan’s guidance prioritizes efficiency and adherence to industry regulations, including ISO 8217:2017 gasoil specifications. Operating an extensive network of supply points strategically positioned across Turkey, the company ensures seamless accessibility for its clientele, setting the stage for unparalleled service and timely fuel deliveries.

AQUAS Bunkers operates a comprehensive network of physical supply points across strategic locations in Turkey, ensuring convenient access to fuel resources. From Aliaga to Ayvalık, including key ports such as Izmir, Gemlik, and Antalya, the company’s supply infrastructure spans the nation’s coastline, facilitating seamless fuel delivery to customers.

Seyhan and his dedicated operations team stand ready 24/7 to cater to the diverse fueling needs of clients, promising timely deliveries and effective solutions. With a focus on reliability, professionalism, and local expertise, AQUAS Bunkers aims to redefine the standards of fuel supply in Turkey and beyond.

Source AQUAS Bunkers | Part of AS Group