Titan Concludes LNG Bunkering Operation for E&S Tankers in Antwerp

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Titan First lng bunkering for EandS Tankers

Titan, a leading independent clean fuel supplier, celebrated a significant achievement on January 15, 2024, as it executed its inaugural LNG bunkering operation for E&S Tankers at the bustling port of Antwerp. The operation, carried out flawlessly by the vessel FlexFueler001, saw the delivery of 110 metric tons of LNG to the Liselotte Esberger, marking the first supply to an E&S Tankers vessel.

This landmark event underscores Titan’s firm commitment to sustainable shipping practices and its dedication to providing environmentally friendly solutions to the maritime industry. The successful collaboration with E&S Tankers highlights a shared vision for a greener and more sustainable future for maritime transportation.

The demand for LNG in the shipping industry’s energy transition continues to grow, driven by its ability to significantly reduce emissions. LNG offers notable reductions in sulfur oxides (SOx), particulates, and nitrogen oxides (NOx), positioning it as a key player in the global effort to mitigate climate change and improve air quality. Additionally, LNG serves as a crucial stepping stone towards decarbonization, with the potential for bio- and synthetic-LNG solutions to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Established in Amsterdam in 2012, Titan has emerged as a prominent supplier of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biomethane (LBM), also known as BioLNG. The company specializes in providing end-to-end clean fuel solutions for shipping customers, offering services such as project planning, supply and delivery, as well as risk management and hedging services to mitigate price fluctuations.

As an independent entity, Titan collaborates with a diverse range of low carbon and carbon-neutral marine fuel suppliers to ensure reliable availability and global supply of clean fuels. The successful execution of the LNG bunkering operation for E&S Tankers underscores Titan’s position as a trusted partner in driving the transition towards a more sustainable maritime industry.

The teams involved in the operation are commended for their dedication and expertise, with both Titan and E&S Tankers expressing excitement about the prospects of future collaborations. This achievement represents a significant milestone in the journey towards a cleaner and more sustainable future for maritime transportation, and Titan looks forward to furthering its mission alongside industry partners.

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