Metcore Received Accreditation for ISO/IEC 17065:2012 from SAC

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Metcore MFM Bunkering System ISO

Metcore International Pte Ltd (Metcore), based in Singapore, a leading marine solutions provider, received accreditation for ISO/IEC 17065:2012 from the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC), marking a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to excellence in bunker mass flow metering systems (MFM systems). The acknowledgment was conferred during the SAC Customer Day 2024 event on March 19.

This accreditation underscores Metcore’s competence as a certification body, demonstrating its conformity to the requirements of SAC’s product certification scheme. Specifically, Metcore has proven its capability in conducting conformity assessments of bunker mass flow metering systems (MFM systems), both within Singapore and internationally.

Daryl Lim, Quality Manager at Metcore, expressed the significance of this recognition, stating, “This accreditation underscores our competency and capability as an impartial third-party conformity assessment body for bunkering MFM systems.”

Lim further highlighted, “We are proud of this recognition. Under the national accreditation program, we are equipped to provide certification for bunker MFM systems, enabling bunker tankers to comply with the Singapore Standard 648:2019 Code of Practice for Bunker Mass Flow Metering and ISO 22192:2021 Bunkering of marine fuel using the Coriolis mass flow meter (MFM) system standards.”

The increasing adoption of mass flow meters for bunkering operations reflects the trust, transparency, and accuracy they offer, recognized by international bunker buyers and shipowners. Consequently, more key ports worldwide are mandating the use of MFMs for bunkering.

However, challenges persist due to the absence of comprehensive guidelines on MFM systems for bunkering custody transfer in existing national or regional legislations at international ports. Additionally, the diverse nature of bunker fuel grades carried by bunker vessels poses challenges, potentially leading to measurement inaccuracies with installed MFMs.

Darrick Pang, Managing Director of Metcore, emphasized the importance of certifying bunkering MFM systems to established standards, asserting, “Certifying bunker MFM systems to either SS 648:2019 or ISO 22192:2021 standards by an accredited certification body such as Metcore is crucial. It ensures international ports adopt the right approach for successful MFM bunkering implementation.”

Pang added, “We are committed to assisting the marine sector in achieving harmonized mass flow metering practices, fostering trust, and transparency in the bunkering environment.”

Metcore’s ISO/IEC 17065:2012 recognition by SAC marks a significant milestone in enhancing the reliability and accuracy of bunker mass flow metering systems, contributing to improved operational efficiency and integrity in the global bunkering industry.

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