Bridge: Connecting Bunker Buyers and Suppliers in the Digital Era

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Bridge App Launch in March

In a bid to streamline and modernize bunker fuel trading, a cutting-edge digital app called “Bridge” is set to launch in March. Developed by the Peart Group, a renowned entity with over a century of experience in fuel trading, the Bridge app aims to bridge the gap between bunker buyers and suppliers, revolutionizing the way transactions are conducted in the marine fuels industry.

Unlike traditional methods, Bridge offers a seamless end-to-end solution, facilitating connections, communication, and transactions between buyers and suppliers on a single, user-friendly platform accessible across various digital devices. Roger Peart, Chairman of the Peart Group and co-founder of Bridge, emphasized the significance of digitalization in enhancing accuracy and transparency within the bunkering process.

“Digitalization ensures the strengthening of accuracy and transparency in the bunkering process,” stated Roger Peart. “This is at the core of Bridge’s design; one only has to see the arguments raging in the UK Government to observe the risks posed by allowing the use of what are essentially social applications to conduct business.”

The app, designed as a business chat-based platform, boasts features such as fast registration, instant notifications, and updates, consolidating buyers and suppliers live enquiries in one convenient location. With the majority of orders within the Peart Group’s fuel operations already being processed online, Bridge aims to simplify the complex bunkering trade process.

Bridge – The Smart Bunkering App. | Connect – Chat – Fix

“It was important from the outset that we develop an app which is easy to use, familiar, and cuts through the clutter of multi-tasking and scrolling between work and social communications,” explained Roger Peart. “I believe that Bridge will become the go-to solution for the global marine fuels industry.”

Bridge App Launch
Bridge App Introduction at IE Week in London

Bridge (trading as Bridge Markets Limited) is part of the Peart Group, a longstanding player in the fuel trading industry. Additionally, during Innovation and Efficiency (IE) Week in London (IBIA), Bridge successfully launched with two events held at Piccolinos on Heddon Street, Piccadilly. These events saw a remarkable turnout of industry stakeholders, including ship owners, fuels buyers, and suppliers, who engaged with presentations, demos, and discussions with the Bridge team, notably with Matt Bagley, the app’s designer.

The Peart Group

Bridge is scheduled to be introduced to key maritime hubs such as London, Dubai, and Singapore in March, followed by expansion into Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Hamburg, and Athens in the subsequent months. Regional launch events are planned, offering shipowners, bunker managers, and physical suppliers the opportunity to experience the innovative capabilities of the Bridge app firsthand.

For those interested in attending the launch events or learning more about Bridge, inquiries can be directed to our website link below. With its focus on simplicity, efficiency, and security, Bridge aims to redefine bunker fuel trading in the digital age, paving the way for a more connected and transparent industry landscape.

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