Kongsberg Norcontrol to Provide VTS Solution for Pilbara Ports

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Kongsberg Norcontrol VTS Pilbara Port

Kongsberg Norcontrol celebrates milestone as it secures a contract to deliver a Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) solution to the Port of Dampier and the Port of Ashburton in Western Australia, marking a significant advancement in maritime safety and efficiency in the region.

These ports, renowned for their contributions to Western Australia’s economy through the export of iron ore, LNG, and salt, play a pivotal role in the region’s trade landscape. The Port of Dampier alone handles approximately 7500 TEUs of cargo annually and facilitates over 3000 vessel visits.

The contract entails the implementation of a robust VTS solution aimed at bolstering navigational safety and supporting environmental protection efforts within the VTS area of the Port of Dampier and Ashburton. This comprehensive solution includes Kongsberg Norcontrol’s maritime domain awareness software system and a suite of advanced sensors, ensuring a seamless integration with neighboring ports.

Expressing his enthusiasm about the contract, Björn Coster, VTS Market Manager at Kongsberg Norcontrol, stated, “We are excited about this opportunity as it represents an important development for us in the Australian market. We look forward to working with Pilbara Ports to improve safety, efficiency, and environmental protection in the area.”

This latest endeavor underscores Kongsberg Norcontrol’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that elevate maritime safety standards and streamline operational processes. As a trusted partner in the maritime industry, Kongsberg Norcontrol continues to push boundaries, reinforcing its position as a leader in VTS solutions worldwide.

Source Kongsberg Norcontrol