Evergreen and X-Press Feeders on Sustainable Shipping in Europe

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X-Press Feeders MPA Evergreen

Global container shipping line Evergreen Marine Corporation (Evergreen) has signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with X-Press Feeders, the world’s largest independent common carrier, to place its containers on X-Press Feeders new dual fuel green methanol vessels. X-Press Feeders is planning to run these vessels on green methanol and operate them within Europe.

As one of the world’s largest container shipping companies and a key customer of X-Press Feeders, the agreement by Evergreen is a significant statement of leadership in a sustainable green future. The two companies moreover will work together to launch a feeder network, which will be the first in Europe to be powered by green methanol.

For a start, these dual fuel ships will be centred at the Port of Rotterdam and covering ports in the Baltic Sea and Scandinavia. Ultimately, the 14 dual fuel ships that X-Press Feeders has on order for delivery from 2024 Q2 through mid-2026 will be operated within Europe and the Mediterranean.

The company has already signed a firm contract with Dutch fuel supplier OCI Global for the supply of green methanol, which is ISCC-EU (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) certified. Also known as bio-methanol, the fuel is a renewable energy source produced from the decomposition of organic matter, such as waste and residues.

The decision to add dual-fuel vessels powered by green methanol is a key element of X-Press Feeders’ pledge to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) by 20% by 2035, 50% by 2040 and be net zero by 2050. 

“We are pioneering the use of dual-fuel vessels and we decided to take delivery of our vessels sooner, rather than later, because we know we need to take significant steps today to meet the targets for reductions in GHG emissions,” says Francis Goh, Chief Operating Officer of X-Press Feeders.

“Our two companies are encouraging port operators, fuel suppliers, logistics companies, freight-forwarders and beneficial cargo owners (BCOs), etc to join us on the path to more sustainable shipping. By working together, step by step, we can achieve so much more,” he adds.

About Evergreen Marine

Adopted in May 2007, Evergreen Line is the common trading name for the Evergreen Group’s container shipping companies that comprise Evergreen Marine Corp. (Taiwan) Ltd., Italia Marittima S.p.A., Evergreen Marine (UK) Ltd., Evergreen Marine (Hong Kong) Ltd., and Evergreen Marine (Singapore) Pte. Ltd..

With Evergreen Marine (Asia) Pte. Ltd. joining the brand name agreement in year 2021, the six shipping companies operate a modern fleet of container ships with a combined capacity of more than 1.6 million TEU and maintain services across a broad array of trade lanes around the world.

Since its establishment, Evergreen Line has been a global brand which symbolizes innovative, reliable and sustainable marine transportation service. We continue with our mission to build efficient e-commerce platforms and to accelerate our fleet renewal program, introducing ever more eco-friendly container ships.

About X-Press Feeders

X-PRESS FEEDERS is the largest independent common carrier in the world, providing a wide geographical coverage. With no containers of our own, we provide only service and not competition to our customers. We charter a fleet of more than 110 vessels (up to new panamax size), of which 40 are owned. X-PRESS FEEDERS operate throughout Asia, Middle East, Caribbean, Central America, Mediterranean and Europe. 2019 annual throughput was in excess of 5.6 million TEUs.

X-PRESS FEEDERS is the largest independent common carrier in the world with a rich corporate history since 1972. It is our mission to be “The Global Common Carrier”​ of choice, in providing the most reliable and cost-effective service to support our customers feedering needs.

Being a SOC common carrier, X-PRESS FEEDERS do not compete with any of our customers. We operate a fleet of more than 100 vessels (up to New Panamax size), including 43 fully owned, covering all the major global transhipment hubs throughout Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Latin Americas, Europe, Mediterranean and Middle East. In 2019, our group’s annual throughput recorded 5.6 million TEUs in excess, placing us 17th position on Alphaliner TOP 100 list.

Almost 300 dedicated staff stationed in Singapore, Dubai, Mumbai, Barcelona, Hamburg and Panama. Everyone in X-PRESS FEEDERS, including all our agents, share one common goal; that is to provide the best network, schedules and expertise to enable our customers to compete with the most reliable services, at the lowest possible cost.

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