Kongsberg Norcontrol, Lync Lab Secure Sabah Ports VTMS Contract

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Kongsberg Norcontrol Sabah ports Malaysia

Kongsberg Norcontrol, in partnership with local entity Lync Lab Sdn. Bhd., has clinched a significant contract to deliver a Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) solution to the Sabah Ports and Harbours Department in Malaysia.

The VTMS solution will play a crucial role in managing maritime traffic across ports in Sabah, North Borneo, with the initial system set to be implemented at Sapangar Port.

This collaborative effort emphasizes the utilization of data analytics to identify critical areas and design a comprehensive VTMS solution tailored to address the identified concerns across all ports. In the project’s initial phase, a proof-of-concept system with basic AIS capabilities has been installed, with plans to enhance it further with additional sensor technologies, control centers, and remote monitoring and management solutions as the project progresses.

Tony Haugen, Managing Director of Kongsberg Norcontrol Pte Ltd, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “The collaboration with Lync Lab represents a significant step in advancing maritime safety and efficiency in the province. This project will be managed from our regional office in Singapore, enabling us to maintain a local presence and provide prompt, effective support to our customers. We really look forward to continuing our cooperation with Lync Lab as well as the port and maritime Authorities of Sabah.”

Similarly, Lync Lab co-founders, Capt. Khalid Zulkurnain and Ter Chin Hua, echoed the sentiment, stating, “The strategic alliance with Kongsberg Norcontrol represents a confluence of visionary entities aligned with Lync Lab’s continuing development and pursuit in its maritime mobility and intelligence trajectory in Malaysia. The convergence of computational analytics, specialized domain knowledge, and advanced systems architecture underpinned by the Kongsberg Norcontrol-Lync Lab partnership enables us to deliver high-granularity, high-definition insights, empowering maritime and port authorities with the capability to make a seamless transition towards a data-driven paradigm into the architecture and governance of port and maritime activities.”

Kongsberg Norcontrol’s maritime surveillance solutions are renowned for their ability to enhance safety, efficiency, and security within maritime transportation and infrastructure. With over 250 deliveries, groundbreaking research and development initiatives, and involvement in challenging and cutting-edge projects, Kongsberg Norcontrol has established itself as a market leader in the field. Their solutions are trusted by the world’s leading maritime coastal organizations, port authorities, and offshore operators, further solidifying their reputation for excellence in the maritime industry.

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