Khameis Alantali Assumes Leadership as CEO at GPS Chemoil

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Khameis Altantali CEO GPS Chemoil

Seasoned oil trade, bunkering and maritime industry leader, Khameis Alantali has stepped into a significant role that will shape the future of oil storage and distribution in Fujairah, UAE. Fujairah is renowned as one of the world’s top bunkering hubs, and Alantali’s appointment as Chief Executive Officer at GPS Chemoil LLC FZC marks a pivotal moment for the region’s oil trading and bunkering industry.

Alantali brings with him a wealth of experience and a proven track record of transformative leadership. His other roles include serving as CEO of Gulf Petrol Supplies, where he successfully elevated the company’s status over eight years. Additionally, his leadership at Fujairah National Shipping (FNS) underscores his dedication to excellence in the maritime sector.

During his 11 years as Deputy General Manager at GPS Chemoil LLC FZC, Alantali introduced innovative approaches to oil storage and management, solidifying the company’s global position. Now, as CEO, he is poised to drive GPS Chemoil LLC FZC towards a new era of innovation and strategic growth.

As Fujairah positions itself as a crucial hub in the worldwide bunkering market, under Alantali’s stewardship, GPS Chemoil is set to become a cornerstone in this area. Boasting Oil Storage Terminals with a capacity of over 4.4 Million Barrels, the company is well-equipped to meet the evolving needs of the sector.

Alantali’s forward-thinking approach is evident in GPS Chemoil’s commitment to adhering to the IMO’s 2020 Global Sulphur Limit. By pioneering storage, blending, and segregation solutions, the company provides clients with a competitive edge in meeting regulatory requirements.

Under Khameis Alantali’s guidance, GPS Chemoil LLC FZC is on a path to new heights of success, enhancing Fujairah’s reputation as a top-tier bunkering hub. His leadership signifies a period of transformation, underscoring GPS Chemoil’s authoritative position and Fujairah’s critical role in shaping the future of the industry.

About GPS Chemoil

GPS Chemoil is a joint venture between Gulf Petrol Supplies and HG Storage International. GPS Chemoil owns and operates two state of the art oil storage terminals in Fujairah that provide storage facilities for the whole range of petroleum products. The extensive pipeline network of GPS Chemoil terminals provide optimum connections to all other oil terminals in Fujairah and to all the berths at Port of Fujairah’s Oil Tanker Terminal. GPS Chemoil has been a prominent player in Fujairah’s growth story of becoming one of the major oil trading and bunkering hubs of the world.

Internationally recognized QHSE management systems are implemented throughout the organization to ensure that the terminals offer it’s customers the benefits of the industry’s latest developments and techniques. We strive for an incident-free workplace and we believe that this vision can be achieved through an uncompromising approach to safety. A systematic training and empowerment program ensures that all staff actively participates in the development of ongoing improvements to an already well-established QHSE management system.

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