Air Liquide and Vopak’s MoU for Ammonia and Hydrogen Ventures

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Vopak and Air liquide mou ammonia

Air Liquide and Vopak have inked a landmark Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to jointly develop and manage infrastructure aimed at importing ammonia, cracking it, and distributing hydrogen in Singapore.

Ammonia is increasingly recognized as a key low-carbon fuel, particularly in sectors like power generation and maritime transportation. It serves as an efficient carrier of hydrogen, essential for the decarbonization of various industries. Leveraging their global expertise and infrastructure in ammonia production and distribution, Air Liquide and Vopak aim to establish a sustainable supply chain for low-carbon ammonia in Singapore.

The collaboration will involve studying and exploring the feasibility of creating low-carbon ammonia supply chains in Singapore. This includes potential projects such as ammonia cracking facilities, storage infrastructure at Vopak’s Banyan terminal, and a hydrogen pipeline network for distributing low-carbon hydrogen. These efforts align closely with Singapore’s National Hydrogen Strategy, which emphasizes the development of advanced hydrogen technologies to establish low-carbon supply chains.

Zhang Xi, Southeast Asia Cluster Vice President, and Managing Director of Air Liquide Singapore, emphasized their commitment to supporting Singapore’s decarbonization efforts by providing innovative and sustainable solutions. He highlighted Air Liquide’s ongoing construction of an industrial-scale ammonia cracking pilot plant in Belgium as a testament to their dedication to reducing carbon emissions.

Rob Boudestijn, President of Vopak Singapore, expressed enthusiasm about the potential of hydrogen and ammonia in Singapore’s transition to a low-carbon economy. He sees ammonia cracking as a pivotal step in shifting industries toward lower carbon feedstock and looks forward to collaborating with Air Liquide to accelerate the adoption of industrial ammonia cracking in Singapore.

Air Liquide, a global leader in gases, technologies, and services for industry and healthcare, operates in 72 countries and serves over 4 million customers and patients worldwide. Their strategic focus on advancing hydrogen technologies aligns with their goal of contributing to climate and energy transitions.

Royal Vopak, with over 400 years of experience, is a leading provider of storage and infrastructure solutions for vital products worldwide. In Singapore, Vopak Terminals operates five terminals with a combined storage capacity of over 3 million cubic meters, including the Banyan terminal, strategically located on Jurong Island.

Vopak’s Banyan Terminal: Integral Hub for Singapore’s Low-Carbon Energy Initiative

Here are some key details about the terminal:

  • Capacity: With a total capacity of 1,452,163 cubic meters, the Banyan Terminal offers ample space for storing essential energy resources.
  • Tanks: Equipped with 112 tanks ranging in size from 2,600 to 25,000 cubic meters, the terminal provides versatile storage options to meet various needs.
  • Access: Offering multiple access points via barge, pipeline, truck, and vessel, the terminal ensures seamless transportation and distribution of resources.
  • Berths for vessels: With seven berths available for vessels, the terminal facilitates efficient loading and unloading operations.
  • Certification: Holding ISCC+ and ISCC EU certifications, the terminal upholds rigorous standards of sustainability and quality.
  • Terminal type: Functioning as an import-export-distribution hub, the Banyan Terminal plays a crucial role in facilitating the flow of energy resources within the region.

The collaboration between Air Liquide and Vopak represents a significant step forward in Singapore’s journey towards a sustainable future, leveraging the potential of low-carbon fuels to drive economic and environmental progress.

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