Göran Eriksson Appointed as CEO of Gothenburg Port Authority

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goran eriksson appointed as ceo of gothenburg port

Today, it was announced that the Gothenburg Port Authority has appointed a new CEO. Göran Eriksson will succeed the current CEO, Elvir Dzanic, and assume his role on August 7th.

Currently, Göran serves as the CEO of the GAC Group’s company in India. He has been employed in multiple positions within the GAC Group since 2012 and possesses extensive experience in international competition within the maritime and logistics sectors.

“We are pleased to announce that the board has decided to appoint Göran Eriksson as the new CEO of the Gothenburg Port Authority. Göran is a person with clear leadership qualities, yet open and collaborative in his interactions with staff and the board. He is highly motivated to undertake the task of strengthening and developing the port internationally, particularly regarding the transition to new fuels in the energy conversion. He also finds it exciting to work in Gothenburg with a societal mission,” says Lars Johansson, Chairman of the Board for the Gothenburg Port Authority.

“I feel honored to have gained the board’s confidence to lead the ongoing development of the Port of Gothenburg as CEO. We are facing significant challenges, particularly the green transition and future energy supply. I am enthusiastic about the task and firmly believe that continued collaboration among all stakeholders in the business community is essential for a rapid transition to sustainable and efficient transportation systems,” says Göran Eriksson.

Göran will assume the position of CEO on August 7.

Source Gothenburg Port Authority