FueLNG Venosa Completes First LNG Loading Operations

by Admin
Fuelng STS loading Singapore first lng bunkering

FueLNG Venosa, Singapore’s second LNG bunker vessel, has successfully completed its inaugural LNG loading operations through Ship-to-Ship (STS) transfer from the LNG carrier Pan Africa on 30 May 2023.

This significant milestone underscores FueLNG’s commitment to providing sustainable energy solutions that helps to reduce emissions in the shipping industry. By embracing LNG as a bunker fuel, FueLNG is driving positive change and advancing the industry’s energy transition goals in tandem with Singapore’s sustainability objectives.

Huge congratulations to the crew of FueLNG Venosa and Pan Africa for the completion of the operation safely and efficiently.

FueLNG celebrates this milestone with our partners, setting the stage for a more sustainable future in Singapore’s shipping industry. FueLNG is committed to championing innovation and cleaner energy, for a brighter tomorrow!

FueLNG is a licensed LNG bunker supplier in Singapore. We provide safe, cost-efficient and reliable solutions in LNG bunkering and LNG distribution, FueLNG is a joint venture between Keppel Offshore & Marine and Shell Eastern Petroleum (Pte) Ltd. We work with industry partners such as the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) to build a world-class LNG bunkering network and encourage the adoption of LNG as a marine and industrial fuel, We have also collaborated with the Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC) on the development of Technical Reference for LNG Bunkering (TR 56), which provides a safe, efficient and sustainable technical framework for LNG bunkering operations.

Source FueLNG