Sirius Shipping Leads RAN DF’s Eco-Friendly LNG Conversion

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Sirius Shipping Gasum LNG Bunkering 2

In a noteworthy initiative toward environmental sustainability, Sirius Shipping has assumed a leadership role in steering the oil tanker RAN DF towards an eco-friendly future through the adoption of liquefied natural gas (LNG). The decision marks a pivotal moment in the maritime industry’s efforts to embrace greener practices.

Sirius Shipping, renowned for its maritime expertise and commitment to innovation, is actively overseeing the conversion process of RAN DF from traditional bunker fuel to LNG. This transition is a significant step forward in reducing the vessel’s environmental impact and aligns with Sirius Shipping’s dedication to eco-friendly shipping solutions.

The move towards LNG is expected to contribute substantially to RAN DF’s carbon footprint reduction, emphasizing Sirius Shipping’s commitment to sustainability. As a company deeply rooted in traditional shipping practices, Sirius Shipping continues to demonstrate its proactive approach in adopting new technologies for the betterment of the industry and the environment.

This eco-friendly LNG conversion is a collaborative effort that involves Gasum and local authorities in Frederikshavn and Nordjylland. The operation showcases the synergy between Sirius Shipping and Gasum, combining their expertise to execute a seamless and environmentally conscious transition for RAN DF.

Sirius Shipping’s leading role in this initiative emphasizes the company’s dedication to sustainable shipping practices. By taking charge of RAN DF’s LNG conversion, Sirius Shipping is setting a precedent for eco-friendly initiatives in the maritime sector, showcasing its commitment to reducing emissions and fostering a greener future at sea.

Sirius Shipping Gasum LNG Bunkering

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