Transparensea Fuels opens London Office for European Market

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Transparensea Fuels opens UK office

Transparensea Fuels, the provider of transparent and inclusive bunker brokerage and alternative fuels advisory services, has announced it is expanding into the European market, with the opening of a new London office.

This strategic move comes in response to the rising demand for its innovative approach to the marine fuels market in North America and coincides with a significant transformation looming in the shipping industry’s fueling practices between now and 2050.

Heading this expansion effort is the experienced marine fuels broker, Harriet Robson, who will lead Transparensea’s European team. Their primary objective is to cater to the growing demand for strategic brokerage services in the region. Customers are increasingly seeking independent, expert advice on both existing and new fuels as they navigate the fast-paced regulatory changes, such as the European Union’s Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). Transparensea Fuels, with its dedicated alternative fuels consultancy, has cultivated expertise in advising companies on various aspects of the fuels landscape, including availability, operational considerations, and fuel specifications.

Sandra Ennor, President and CEO of Transparensea Fuels, expressed, “Transparensea was founded with the ambition to challenge established practices, prioritizing honesty and transparency at every touch point of our work. Our approach ensures that customers have a trusted, independent, and dedicated resource for fuel procurement, which is becoming increasingly vital as we transition to new fuels, and bunker buying gains recognition as the strategic priority it truly represents. Our expansion into Europe today underscores the value that expert and agile boutique partners can bring to the market.”

This new London office marks Transparensea’s first subsidiary outside the United States, enabling the company to further broaden its customer base and industry relationships. Moreover, it strengthens its client service offerings across multiple time zones, including Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Harriet Robson, Transparensea’s Director for the UK, brings over a decade of experience in maritime bunker brokering, complemented by a robust network in these crucial markets.

Harriet Robson emphasized, “Europe is entering a period of profound transformation driven by new demands from regulatory and market forces. This transformation will not only impact the fuels used onboard ships but also revolutionize the procurement process itself. The market is yearning for more support and clarity to navigate the energy transition, and I see genuine excitement for Transparensea’s disruptive model on this side of the Atlantic. I am proud to bring the company’s in-depth understanding of the fuel landscape to companies operating in Europe and around the world.”

Since its inception in 2017, Transparensea has been dedicated to making the marine fuel market and the broader shipping industry more transparent and collaborative. Headquartered in Connecticut, the company serves its customers by providing a trusted, independent, and dedicated resource for fuel procurement. Through its TSEA Green program, Transparensea also offers insight into alternative fuels for shipping. Led by its founder and President, Sandra Ennor, Transparensea’s distinct approach to marine fuel brokerage combines profound sector knowledge with tenacity, resilience, and comradeship.

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