Gasum’s Coral Energy Delivers First LNG to Inkoo Terminal

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Gasum LNG Delivery to Inkoo Terminal

Gasum, the Nordic energy company, achieved a significant milestone as its LNG vessel, Coral Energy, completed the first-ever liquefied natural gas (LNG) delivery to the Inkoo floating storage regasification unit (FSRU). The vessel arrived at Inkoo on Sunday, January 7, in the afternoon. At the FSRU, LNG is regasified and injected into the gas pipeline grid in Finland.

The Inkoo terminal recently underwent enhancements to enable the loading and unloading of LNG to and from the terminal using smaller vessels, enhancing operational flexibility. Gasum has been supplying LNG to the Inkoo FRSU regularly, particularly after the Balticconnector gas pipeline between Finland and Estonia was temporarily shut down due to a rupture in early October.

Gasum, a key player in the Nordic gas sector and energy markets, emphasizes its commitment to a carbon-neutral future on both land and at sea. The company provides cleaner energy for industrial, road, and maritime transport needs, with a focus on promoting low-emission mobility.

Gasum is also a leading producer of biogas and is actively involved in the circular economy, investing in the production of biogas and recycled nutrients from various waste streams in Finland and Sweden. The Gasum Group, with approximately 330 employees across Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Germany, is fully owned by the State of Finland.

In 2022, the Gasum Group reported a total revenue of €2,722.5 million, reflecting its continued growth and influence in the energy sector.

Source Gasum Ltd