Gasum’s Kairos First LNG Bunkering for a Cruise in Hamburg

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gasum lng bunker vessel kairos port hamburg

Gasum, a leading Nordic energy company, is making significant strides toward a more sustainable future. Its LNG bunker vessel, Kairos, recently carried out the first ship-to-ship LNG bunker operation for a cruise ship in the Port of Hamburg.

Gasum, which acquired Nauticor in 2020, recently celebrated a historic milestone. Almost five years after the christening of the LNG Bunker Vessel Kairos in the Port of Hamburg, Gasum’s LNG Bunker Vessel Kairos performed its first ship-to-ship LNG bunkering operation for a cruise vessel. The fortunate recipient of this environmentally-conscious fueling was the state-of-the-art MSC Euribia, operated by MSC Cruises. This groundbreaking event took place on October 24th, marking a significant step forward in advancing sustainable maritime practices in Hamburg.

Gasum didn’t stop at the first historic bunker operation of LNG Bunker Vessel Kairos. Just one day later, on 25th of October, they reaffirmed their commitment to sustainability in Hamburg. LNG Bunker Vessel Coralius, a vessel operated by Gasum, supplied LNG to the Dredger Vox Ariane, operated by Van Oord. This initiative further highlights Gasum’s dedication to advancing sustainable marine fuel solutions, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and promoting cleaner energy in one of Germany’s busiest ports.

“The company’s recent operations have achieved remarkable milestones in LNG bunkering, effectively putting the Port of Hamburg on the map as a key player in offering LNG bunkering services to the shipping industry. This development marks a significant step towards unlocking the full decarbonization potential of LNG as a marine fuel. Gasum’s commitment to advancing eco-friendly marine fuels played a pivotal role in ensuring a safe and efficient bunkering operations” Grégoire Hartig, Marine LNG Sales and Business Development Manager at Gasum, Said.

LNG Bunker Vessel Kairos

Gasum’s LNG bunker supply vessel Kairos had been sub-leased outside the company since October 2022 but has returned to Gasum’s own bunkering fleet. This strategic move enhances Gasum’s bunkering capacity in the Northwest Europe market. The maritime LNG bunkering sector has seen steady growth throughout 2023, with expectations of further acceleration by year-end. The return of Kairos strengthens Gasum’s ability to serve its maritime LNG and Bio-LNG customers effectively.

Kairos, with its 7,500 m³ capacity, features a dual-fuel engine primarily using LNG as marine fuel. It boasts a range of technical features designed to serve a wide range of marine customers and LNG terminals. The vessel is versatile, designed to supply LNG to various vessel types and sizes at bunkering locations across Northwest Europe, with a transfer rate ranging from 60 m³ per hour to 1,250 m³ per hour.

Kairos is equipped with cranes with a reach of up to 30 meters, making it capable of serving even the largest customers in the market. Furthermore, it can operate under harsh weather conditions and at sea, thanks to its DP2 certification and ice class 1A construction.

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