Johor Port and PTLCL Celebrate 100th LNG Bunkering Milestone

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Johar Port Malaysia 100th LNG Bunkering

Johor Port Berhad, a member of MMC Group, proudly celebrated a momentous achievement with the successful completion of its 100th LNG bunkering operation in collaboration with PETCO Trading Labuan Company Limited (PTLCL), a PETRONAS trading arm.

This is a significant journey, which started with the very first LNG bunker spot supply to vessel “MV Siem Aristotle” back in November 2020; representing a first for Malaysia. Since then, the collaboration with PTLCL via PETRONAS Marine has successfully reached its 100th LNG bunkering operation milestone on the 28 July 2023 for the Newcastle Max size bulk carrier “Mount Norafjell”; effectively overtaking Singapore in terms of the number of LNG bunkering operations and total bunkered tonnage and further solidified Malaysia’s position as the LNG bunkering hub pioneer in Asia.

Md Derick Basir, Chief Executive Officer of Johor Port, highlighted, “The recent milestone of the 100th LNG bunkering operation marks a notable achievement for Johor Port as the most active LNG bunkering port in Asia with a total reported bunkered tonnage of more than 100,000 metric tons.”

“The Pasir Gudang Port Limit, under the management of Johor Port, is pivotally positioned to cater for both East and Westbound vessels and hence makes it a preferred location for all LNG vessels as it only requires minimal deviation from the vessel common route for LNG bunkering operation. “

“The success of the 100th LNG bunkering operation demonstrates our commitment to provide efficient marine services to support the growth of the LNG business in Malaysia. With safety being our utmost priority, I am pleased to say that the bunkering operation has been successfully carried out for the past three (3) years with ZERO accidents reported,” added Md Derick.

Shamsul Bahari Salleh, Chief Executive Officer of PETCO Trading Labuan Company Limited said, “The milestone, marked by the successful completion of 100th LNG bunkering service, serves as a foundation for more achievements to come in our efforts to drive greater use of cleaner fuels in the marine industry. We are fully confident in our capacity to enhance Malaysia’s position as an LNG bunkering hub while supporting the International Maritime Organization’s sustainability goals.”

The success of the 100th LNG bunkering operation demonstrates Johor Port’s commitment to providing efficient marine services to support the growth of the LNG business in Malaysia. The event also emphasizes the collective dedication of both Johor Port Berhad and PETRONAS to advancing sustainable marine services and strengthening Malaysia’s position as an LNG bunkering hub offering reliable and cost-competitive cleaner energy solutions.

The occasion was celebrated at the Showcase Event for the 100th LNG bunkering vessels between Johor Port and PETRONAS, held at DoubleTree by Hilton, Johor Bahru on 23 October 2023. The event was attended by esteemed members of both organizations and industry leaders.

About PETRONAS Trading Corporation Sdn Bhd (PETCO)

PETRONAS Trading Corporation Sdn Bhd (PETCO) is a wholly owned subsidiary of PETRONAS, providing solutions in the Midstream space, through its subsidiaries PETCO Trading Labuan Company Ltd (PTLCL), PETCO Trading (UK) Limited (PTUK) and PETCO Trading DMCC (PTD). Its principal activities are marketing, sourcing, trading and processing of crude oil and petroleum products in the East of Suez region which covers Asia-Pacific and the Far East, the West of Suez, as well as in the Middle East and the Red Sea.

About PETRONAS Marine

PETRONAS Marine is an integrated business, providing multiple solutions in key bunker hubs across the globe including LNG, Low and High Sulphur fuel oils, marine gas oil and lubricants which are currently available through its network in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Northwest Europe and the Mediterranean.

About Johor Port Berhad

Johor Port Berhad, a Member of MMC Group, is an integrated Multi-Purpose Port facility located at the southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia providing a comprehensive range of port services to meet the individual needs of its customer. Commencing operation in 1977 as the original Southern Gateway Multi-Purpose Port in Malaysia, Johor Port currently operates a total area of 1,000 acres, 660 acres of which are designated as Free Zone.

As the 1st port in Malaysia to be accorded with Free Zone status, Johor Port is the appointed Free Zone Authority for the management of its Free Zone area. As a Regional Commodity Hub, Johor Port is the world’s single largest Edible Oil Terminal and is one of the largest Hub in the region for LME cargo. Johor Port is also one of the largest discharging point for Rice and Cocoa in Malaysia as well as being one of the biggest terminals in Malaysia for Fertilizer and Cement.

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