Integr8 Fuels Expands with New Trading Desk in Perth, Australia

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Chris Seidel Headshot Integr8 Fuels Australia

Integr8 Fuels, a leading global player in bunker trading and fuel management services, has announced the establishment of a new trading desk in Perth, Australia. This move is strategically designed to enhance Integr8’s ability to serve its international clientele by bolstering supply chain capabilities and providing specialized expertise tailored to the Australasian bunkering sector. The expansion also positions Integr8 to capitalize on emerging opportunities within Australia’s domestic market, particularly in the renewables sector and offshore oil and gas projects.

“Our expansion into Australasia is a natural progression reflecting our commitment to providing clients with tailored support and localised market intelligence,” said Yusuff Shah, Australasia Trading Lead for Integr8 Fuels. “With our on-the-ground presence in Perth, we can better understand the unique challenges and opportunities this region presents.”

Chris Seidel, Integr8 Fuels Australia’s Business Manager for its Perth office, is eager to contribute to the company’s mission of shaping the future of marine fuels and supporting the country’s decarbonisation journey. Leveraging his extensive Australian offshore oil and gas services experience spanning over 30 years, Chris looks to develop and nurture client and supplier relationships in the region.

Chris commented “The dynamic evolution of the Australasian bunker market reflects mounting interest in the exploration of alternative energy solutions and our commitment lies in supporting clients as they navigate the opportunities and challenges that this momentous transition offers. Fundamental to this will be building and reinforcing partnerships with trusted, hands-on local suppliers.”

Opportunities in Australasia’s Bunker Market

Australia’s renewed focus on offshore oil and gas exploration, coupled with government support for renewable energy projects, presents significant opportunities for Integr8 Fuels. The company anticipates increased demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a lower carbon alternative to traditional marine fuels, reflecting the region’s commitment to sustainability.

Integr8 will prioritize partnerships with suppliers certified by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) scheme. This certification ensures compliance with global standards for sustainable production and sourcing of bio-based feedstocks and biofuels, aligning with regulatory frameworks such as the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive.

To assist shipowners in meeting environmental regulations like the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) and FuelEU Maritime, Integr8 will provide ISCC-verified Proof of Sustainability (PoS) documents. This certification confirms the sustainability of bio-based components in fuels, enabling global clients to achieve compliance when operating in the Australasia region.

Integr8 Fuels expansion into Australasia represents a significant milestone in the company’s growth strategy, positioning it to seize opportunities in a rapidly evolving market while supporting the transition to cleaner, more sustainable energy sources in Australia and beyond.

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