EH Group Secures DNV AiP for TRACE-M250 Marine Fuel Cell

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EH Group Marine Fuel Cell Tech

EH Group, a pioneering company dedicated to the advancement of sustainable energy solutions, proudly announces a significant achievement in its mission towards decarbonizing the maritime industry. The company’s EH Fuel Cell System TRACE-M250, tailored for high-power and maritime applications, has been granted an ‘Approval In Principle’ by DNV, a renowned classification and certification entity.

The rigorous assessment conducted by DNV, a leading authority in maritime regulations, confirms that EH Group’s fuel cell design complies with all relevant maritime rules, regulations, codes, and standards. This independent validation underscores EH Group’s unwavering commitment to upholding the highest industry standards.

The EH TRACE-M250 module, built upon EH Group’s distinctive stack technology, is poised to establish new benchmarks for efficiency and safety in maritime fuel cell systems. Notably, this cutting-edge module boasts a more compact and lightweight design, promising enhanced performance and ease of integration for marine applications.

The attainment of ‘Approval In Principle’ marks a pivotal milestone for EH Group, signifying a significant stride towards realizing its vision of revolutionizing the marine sector through sustainable technology. Mardit Matian, Founder of EH Group, expresses enthusiasm, stating, “Achieving Approval in Principle is a key milestone for EH Group. It demonstrates our commitment towards standards and norms, and an important step in deploying our cutting-edge technology towards the decarbonization of the marine sector.”

Furthermore, Danny Knippen, Certification Engineer & Project Manager at EH Group, emphasizes the broader implications of this achievement, remarking, “This is an important step in the wider commercialization of our 250kW fuel cell system, featuring several unique innovations which were approved by DNV. It will also enable us to scale up to meet the high-power requirements of the marine sector and to provide turnkey solutions.”

About EH Group

Established in Switzerland since 2017, EH Group specializes in the design and production of innovative fuel cell technology. With a focus on unrivaled power density, greater system efficiency, and a streamlined assembly process that minimizes costs, EH Group’s solutions are poised to drive the decarbonization efforts across various sectors, including marine vessels, off-highway vehicles, trucking, aviation, and large-scale stationary power.

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