FuelBoss by DNV Enables Digital Delivery with BMT Bunkers

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FuelBoss by DNV and BMT Bunker GmbH

BMT Bunker und Mineralöltransport GmbH, a prominent German physical supplier, achieved a groundbreaking feat by completing a Digital Delivery of 1,254 metric tonnes of Neste Marine™ 0.5%, facilitated by FuelBoss by DNV. This achievement signifies a significant step forward in our ongoing commitment to support all marine fuels seamlessly.

Matthias Milz, Sales and Supply at BMT Bunker, remarked, “Amidst the dynamic changes in marine fuels, leveraging innovative tools like FuelBoss is crucial to maintaining our competitive edge.”

Leonard Haskamp, Sales, Supply, and Biofuels at BMT Bunker, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing, “Our focus is not just on operational efficiency; it’s also about ensuring unparalleled satisfaction for our customers throughout their fuel procurement and delivery journey.”

Here’s why FuelBoss stands out as the preferred solution for eBDN and Digital Delivery:

  1. Time Efficiency: Experience time savings of over 45 minutes per operation, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.
  2. Advanced Insights & Transparency: Gain access to a comprehensive overview of all operations, facilitating real-time delivery updates, informed decision-making, and optimization.
  3. Proven Expertise: With over 2,500 successful operations across Europe, Asia, and the Americas, FuelBoss demonstrates unparalleled commitment and capability.

Martin Christian Wold, Head of Product at FuelBoss by DNV, emphasized, “It’s evident that the time for adopting a solution for eBDN has arrived. At FuelBoss, we emphasize the immediate value and return on investment that digitalization brings.”

FuelBoss by DNV
What is FuelBoss by DNV?

FuelBoss serves as the bridge between suppliers and customers, facilitating seamless planning, execution, real-time monitoring, and automated documentation for all marine fuel deliveries. It sets a new benchmark in the maritime industry for interconnected service delivery and exceptional customer experience.

FuelBoss Services

FuelBoss offers a range of services that leverage global hands-on experience and knowledge, translating them into unparalleled digital solutions:

  1. Digital Documentation with eBDN: Modernize your documentation process, making it faster, more accurate, and verifiable.
  2. Real-time Monitoring: Access required data immediately for invoicing and mandatory reporting upon delivery completion.
  3. Integration into Digital Ecosystems: Benefit from cutting-edge integration setup for automated documentation within a fully digital ecosystem for procurement and supply.

FuelBoss, powered by DNV, represents a tradition of trust and a future of innovation in the marine fuels delivery landscape. With a legacy marked by thousands of successful digital deliveries globally, we remain committed to innovation leadership and quality service offerings, in close collaboration with the maritime industry.

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