Vopak Boosts Biofuel Capacity at Sebarok Terminal in Singapore

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Vopak Sebarok Biofuel Capacity

Vopak, a global leader in storage and infrastructure solutions, has announced the successful commissioning of a significant expansion at its Sebarok terminal in Singapore. This expansion, totaling 40,000 cubic meters of capacity, is specifically dedicated to the blending of biofuels into marine fuels, a move that underscores Vopak’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

The project involved the conversion of existing infrastructure at the Sebarok terminal to accommodate the blending of biofuels, with the installation of specialized equipment and the adaptation of the pipeline system to facilitate the seamless integration of biofuels into marine fuel blends.

Located strategically close to Singapore’s eastern anchorage, where a substantial portion of bunkering activities occur, the Sebarok terminal is well-positioned to meet the growing demand for biofuel blending services in the region.

This development marks a significant milestone in Vopak’s efforts to support the decarbonization of the shipping industry. Through multiple biofuel trials conducted since 2022 and in response to increasing demand from customers, Vopak has demonstrated its readiness to provide innovative solutions for storing and blending biofuels.

Commenting on the expansion, Rob Boudestijn, President of Business Unit Singapore at Vopak, emphasized the company’s vision for the Sebarok terminal as a sustainable multi-fuels hub. He highlighted the role of the terminal in strengthening Singapore’s position as a leading bunkering hub and facilitating the entry of more biofuels companies to diversify the supply chain, thus accelerating the transition to cleaner energy sources in the maritime sector.

Beyond this specific project, Vopak is actively pursuing a broader strategy to invest in new energies and sustainable feedstocks. With an allocation of EUR 1 billion in growth capital by 2030, the company aims to shape the future of energy infrastructure while contributing positively to the transition in key industrial sectors. This includes developing infrastructure solutions for low-carbon and renewable hydrogen, CO2 management, sustainable fuels, and long-duration energy storage.

The Sebarok terminal, with a total capacity of 1,339,579 cubic meters spread across 83 tanks ranging in size from 1,300 to 56,000 cubic meters, serves as a critical part of Vopak’s global network of terminals. Equipped to handle various modes of transportation, including barges, pipelines, and vessels, the terminal adheres to stringent certification standards such as ISCC+ and ISCC EU.

Specifications of Sebarok Terminal 

  • Capacity: 1,339,579 cbm
  • Number of Tanks: 83
  • Tank size: From 1,300 to 56,000 cbm
  • Access: Barge, Pipeline, Vessel
  • Draught: 17.6 meter
  • Number of Berths for vessels: 9
  • Certification: ISCC+, ISCC EU

Founded over 400 years ago, Vopak has continuously adapted to meet the evolving needs of global trade and energy supply. Headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the company remains committed to safety, reliability, and efficiency while actively contributing to the transition towards a more sustainable future.

About Royal Vopak

Royal Vopak is a global leader in providing storage and infrastructure solutions for vital products that fuel everyday life. With a network of terminals worldwide, the company supports the global flow of energy, chemicals, and edible oils. Committed to safety and sustainability, Vopak is at the forefront of developing infrastructure solutions for the energy transition, including hydrogen, ammonia, CO2 management, and low-carbon fuels. Listed on the Euronext Amsterdam, Vopak continues to drive progress and innovation in the energy sector.

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