CSL Welland’s Another Eco-Friendly Season: Biofuel Program Returns

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The CSL Group Biofuel Program

CSL Welland is set to embark on another eco-friendly season, as The CSL Group Inc. announces the return of its biofuel program. Teaming up with Canada Clean Fuels Inc., the company plans to power eight of its ships with North American-sourced B100 biodiesel, derived from waste plant material.

The vessels set to be fueled by B100 biodiesel include CSL Laurentien, Baie Comeau, Rt. Hon Paul J. Martin, Spruceglen, CSL St-Laurent, CSL Assiniboine, CSL Welland, and Whitefish Bay.

Since its inception in 2019, CSL’s biofuel initiative has demonstrated remarkable success in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With the potential to slash over 80% of GHGs from “well to wake,” biofuel emerges as a promising solution for decarbonizing marine transportation. What’s more, its seamless integration as a drop-in fuel option requires no retrofitting or substantial modifications to ships or infrastructure, making it an attractive choice for sustainable shipping practices.

“We take pride in being at the forefront of innovation, by investing in research and development across a wide range of advanced solutions, we strive to lead the marine industry in making a positive impact on the environment.”

This move underscores CSL’s commitment to fostering a greener, cleaner, and safer world. By embracing biofuel technology, CSL aims to not only reduce its environmental footprint but also enhance the performance of its fleet to better serve customers.

About The CSL Group

The CSL Group Inc. (CSL), headquartered in Montreal, Canada, stands as a global leader in marine dry bulk cargo handling and delivery services. With major operating divisions spanning Canada Steamship Lines, CSL Americas, CSL Australia, CSL Asia, CSL Europe, and CSL Transhipment, CSL operates a diversified fleet of specialized self-unloading vessels, offshore transhippers, and Handysize bulk carriers. Annually delivering more than 78 million tonnes of cargo to industrial customers worldwide, CSL employs approximately 1,500 individuals across shipboard and ashore positions. The company’s storied history dates back to 1845, reflecting its longstanding commitment to maritime excellence and sustainability.

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