Siem and Eagle LNG achieve another LNG Bunkering milestone

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Siem Car Carriers and Eagle LNG recently joined forces to accomplish yet another remarkable milestone in the field of bunkering. Their collaboration resulted in a successful LNG fuel delivery to the Siem Aristotle, a pure car truck carrier (PCTC), earlier this month. This significant achievement took place at the JAXPORT located in Jacksonville, Florida, and it stands as Eagle LNG’s largest bunkering operation to date.

The accomplishment was made possible due to Eagle LNG’s recent expansion efforts. The company doubled its production capacity at the Maxville LNG Facility, enabling a greater fuel supply volume. Additionally, they added refueling capacity at the Talleyrand LNG Bunker Station, located at JAXPORT. These strategic enhancements allowed for a seamless and efficient fuel delivery process to the Siem Aristotle.

The Siem Aristotle is part of Siem Car Carriers impressive PCTC LNG fleet, consisting of two vessels, the Siem Confucius and the Siem Aristotle. These vessels are recognized for their remarkable environmental performance, significantly reducing emissions across multiple pollutants. Compared to traditional vessels, the Siem Aristotle and Siem Confucius have the potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 25%, nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 30%, particulate matter by up to 60%, and sulfur oxide emissions by up to 100%. This showcases Siem Car Carriers’ commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly shipping practices.

Notably, this recent achievement builds upon a previous milestone. In February 2022, Eagle LNG successfully refueled the Siem Aristotle, which has a capacity of carrying 7,500 vehicles, from its Talleyrand LNG Bunker Station. This marked the first time that Eagle LNG had refueled a ship of this size from their bunkering facility, further solidifying their expertise and capabilities in the LNG bunkering domain.

The collaboration between Siem Car Carriers and Eagle LNG demonstrates their shared commitment to advancing the adoption of LNG as a marine fuel, promoting cleaner and more sustainable maritime transportation. The successful bunkering operation not only showcases the capabilities and efficiency of both companies but also highlights the potential for wider adoption of LNG as a viable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional marine fuels.

With their continued efforts and dedication, Siem Car Carriers and Eagle LNG are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of bunkering and contributing to a greener and more sustainable shipping industry.

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