Malik Supply Expands Green Efforts with B30 Biofuel to Landskrona

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Malik Supply B30 Bunkering Sweden

In a move aimed at bolstering decarbonization efforts in the maritime industry, Malik Supply A/S proudly announces its expansion to Landskrona, Sweden, as a bunker trader, offering the innovative B30 biofuel blend. This development marks a significant step forward in the company’s commitment to sustainability and green energy solutions.

The B30 biofuel blend, comprising 30% HVO (100% renewable synthetic diesel) and 70% MGO DMA E10, caters to the growing demand for cleaner and more environmentally friendly bunker fuels. Bunker buyers familiar with the terminology will recognize the environmental benefits inherent in this product, which is not only eco-conscious but also 100% ISCC EU compliant, adhering to rigorous sustainability standards.

Malik Supply A/S remains dedicated to the ongoing development of business-relevant ISO certifications. As the industry pivots towards future sustainable marine fuels, the company recognizes the importance of traceability concerning origin, raw materials, and proof of sustainability in the handling and supply of forthcoming products. Presently, Malik Supply A/S proudly holds certification under ISCC (International Sustainability Carbon Certification), underscoring its commitment to transparent and environmentally conscious practices.

About Malik Supply A/S

With over three decades of experience in the bunkering industry, Malik Supply A/S has built a formidable reputation as a trusted and reliable bunker supplier. Since its inception in 1989 as an independent Danish company, the firm has been at the forefront of the bunkering and energy trading business. Over time, Malik Supply evolved into a key player within the Malik Group, forging strong partnerships worldwide and establishing a robust presence in crucial bunker markets.

Operating under the Malik Group umbrella, Malik Supply A/S boasts a physical supply division in Aalborg, Denmark, operating under the brand Malik Energy. The headquarters, known as Malik House, serves as the nerve center for both Malik Supply and Malik Energy, symbolizing the company’s integrated approach to delivering excellence in the bunker industry.

This expansion into Landskrona, Sweden, reaffirms Malik Supply A/S’s commitment to driving sustainable practices within the maritime sector. By offering the B30 fuel blend, the company aims to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and promote a cleaner, greener future for global shipping operations.

For further information regarding your decarbonization requirements, contact the dedicated team at Malik Supply.

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