Vitol Concludes First B30 Biofuel Bunkering in Singapore

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Hyundai glovis Vitol Biofuel Bunker

In a monumental leap towards sustainable shipping, Vitol Bunkers has achieved a significant milestone by completing the first-ever delivery of B30 biofuel blend in Singapore. This groundbreaking delivery marks the inaugural instance of biofuel concentration exceeding B25 being supplied in the region, signaling a pivotal shift towards greener maritime practices.

On March 14, 2024, Vitol Bunkers orchestrated the delivery of 1,100 metric tons (MT) of Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO) B30 to the vessel Grand Hero, a vehicle carrier chartered by Hyundai Glovis. Spearheading this operation was Vitol Bunker’s specialized bunker barge, the Marine Future, uniquely equipped to cater to biofuel blends ranging from B24 to B100.

The integration of biofuels, particularly those with higher concentrations like B30, holds immense promise in the ongoing efforts to decarbonize the notoriously hard-to-abate shipping sector. By embracing such advanced biofuel blends, stakeholders are embracing a crucial pathway towards mitigating carbon emissions and fostering a more sustainable maritime ecosystem.

The significance of this achievement is further underscored by the escalating adoption of biofuels within the Singaporean maritime landscape. According to data from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), biofuel sales surged to approximately 520,000 tonnes in 2023, a substantial increase from 140,000 tonnes recorded in 2022.

Mike Muller, the Head of Vitol Asia, expressed his satisfaction with Vitol’s contribution to Singapore’s ambitious journey towards decarbonization. “We are pleased to be part of Singapore’s journey to decarbonize its shipping sector,” Muller stated. “Vitol Bunkers is delighted to be able to offer its customers a broad range of biofuels, up to 100% bunker fuel.”

About Vitol

Vitol, a pioneering force in the energy sector, boasts a formidable presence across the entire energy spectrum, encompassing oil, power, renewables, and carbon credits. With operations spanning sourcing, distribution, and risk management, Vitol plays a crucial role in the global energy landscape.

With a daily trade volume exceeding 7 million barrels of crude oil and products, coupled with the chartering of approximately 6,200 ship voyages annually, Vitol’s global footprint is testament to its commitment to adding value across the entire energy supply chain. Operating from over 40 offices worldwide, Vitol remains at the forefront of innovation, driving sustainable practices and shaping the future of energy distribution.

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