REV LNG and HOPA’s LNG Bunkering Achievement in Hamilton

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REV LNG HOPE Ports lng bunker hamilton Fure Viten

REV LNG LLC, a New York-based Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) services provider, and the Hamilton-Oshawa Port Authority (HOPA) recently provided LNG to the Fure Viten, a Furetank vessel under charter by Petro-Nav Desgagnes. This is the first European-owned vessel to receive LNG at Hamilton and represents more than forty LNG bunkering operations completed by Petro-Nav Desgagnes and REV LNG at HOPA since 2020.

REV LNG’s success at the Port of Hamilton reaffirms the company’s strong desire and ability to deliver firm and reliable LNG supply solutions to the marine market in the Great Lakes region and beyond.

“We are thrilled to work with HOPA to provide LNG to the Fure Viten, a Furetank vessel,” said David Kailbourne, CEO at REV LNG. “We are proud to commemorate our second active customer in Hamilton, which is very exciting. Our hope is to continue demonstrating that Hamilton is the focal point for LNG supply to the Great Lakes Marine market with safe and reliable service and attention to our customers’ needs. We are proud to work with a world-class organization in HOPA, as well as our incredible staff at REV and the operators of the vessels at Petro-Nav and Furetank.”

“We’ve been so pleased with our experience working with REV LNG to provide this important fueling capability to vessels at the Port of Hamilton,” said Ian Hamilton, President & CEO of HOPA. “With more than forty bunkering operations completed, it is clear that this capability is in-demand and meeting a desire in the industry for safe and environmentally progressive fueling options. We are grateful to REV LNG and Petro-Nav DesgagnIs for their professionalism and partnership.”

In addition to the current Fure Viten charter, Desgagnes LNG-fueled fleet includes five Canadian-flagged tankers operating in the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence Seaway system, Eastern Canada, and the U.S., as well as the Canadian Arctic. Four of the five LNG-fueled ships are sister ships designed and built by Desgagnes, while the Gaia Desgagnes, along with the Fure Viten and one additional chartered-in vessel, the Ramelia, are three sister ships designed and built by Furetank.

“Our LNG-fueled fleet also includes two chartered-in LNG-fueled tankers to meet summer demand,” said Julie Lambert, President of Petro-Nav Inc. (a subsidiary of Desgagnes). “We are proud to be leaders in energy-efficient, low emission, low carbon marine transportation. We are especially excited to participate with HOPA, REV LNG, and Furetank in the LNG bunkering of the Fure Viten in Hamilton.”

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