Den Hartogh and OCI Hyfuels Propel Methanol Fuel Innovation

by Admin
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Royal Den Hartogh Logistics goes beyond conventional logistics to foster innovation. In a recent collaboration, OCI Hyfuels enlisted our technical expertise to supply MD97, a methanol fuel blend, to a newly constructed ship while docked, a task traditionally undertaken using maritime fuel from dedicated bunker ships or trucks.

The decision to refuel the ship with MD97 at berth marks a departure from conventional methods, highlighting the adaptability and forward-thinking vision of the involved parties. Building on the success of a similar operation in Aberdeen, Den Hartogh’s expertise was once again called upon. Our exceptional service and flawless execution led to a highly successful operation, earning accolades from OCI HyFuels.

This project marks a significant stride in the decarbonization of global shipping, opening doors for increased methanol utilization, particularly MD97, as a marine fuel. OCI HyFuels, a global leader in renewable and low-carbon fuels, stands as the world’s largest green methanol producer.

The ship features an innovative engine designed exclusively for MD97 use. MD97, comprising 97% methanol blended with 3% additives to emulate diesel-like properties, is employed in a dedicated methanol engine, not as a dual-fuel option. By showcasing MD97’s viability as a marine fuel and paving the way for broader adoption of green methanol, this partnership offers a pathway to decarbonize the shipping industry—a significant contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions.

This successful collaboration underscores the capabilities of our Technical Service department. Beyond traditional logistics, we deliver innovative technical support with a primary focus on ensuring safe ship provisioning. This marks an exciting new chapter for the industry, solidifying our position as a trailblazer in advancing environmentally sustainable solutions within the chemical sector.

Royal Den Hartogh Logistics remains committed to ingraining safety and operational excellence in our culture, alongside an ever-growing emphasis on sustainable practices. As we continue to set new standards in logistics service provision, our forward-thinking approach benefits customers and plays a pivotal role in nurturing a more sustainable future.