Bunker Spill Temporarily Halts Operations at Gibraltar Port

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Gibraltar port bunker spill operations halt

The Captain of the Port has taken decisive action by suspending all operations at the Gibraltar Port in response to an unfortunate oil spill incident that occurred in the bay earlier.

The swift and coordinated response from the Gibraltar Port Authority, in collaboration with the Department of Environment, has been set into motion as part of the oil spill contingency plan. Immediate steps are being taken to address the situation, with response teams actively engaged in containment and mitigation efforts. Notably, Spanish authorities have been promptly informed in accordance with established protocols.

The incident transpired at approximately 8:22 am on 01st August within the southern region of the Western Anchorage. A vessel, while undergoing bunkering operations, encountered an unexpected overflow from its tanks, leading to the release of oil into the surrounding waters. The exact volume of spilled oil remains undetermined at this time.

In an effort to minimize the environmental impact, the Department of Environment is diligently monitoring the ongoing developments. As a precautionary measure, lifeguards along the Western shoreline have been placed on high alert to promptly address any potential oil contamination. Camp Bay and Little Bay are currently flying red flags, signifying the anticipated arrival of oil along these sections of the coastline. Beachgoers and swimmers are strongly urged to exercise caution and heed safety warnings, even if Yellow flags are present.

Mariners are also advised to exercise prudence while navigating in the vicinity, particularly those on pleasure boats, fishing vessels, and those enjoying recreational activities at sea. The spill’s effect on marine life and ecosystems is of paramount concern, and proactive measures are being taken to mitigate its impact.

As the situation continues to unfold, updated information will be promptly shared with the public and stakeholders. The Gibraltar Port Authority remains committed to swiftly resolving the situation and minimizing any adverse effects on the marine environment and the community.

Source Gibraltar Port Authority