Integr8 New Brazil Office: Fueling South American Bunker Market

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integr8 fuels new office brazil

Integr8 Fuels launches Brazil office to service an increasingly dynamic South American Bunker Market.

Integr8 Fuels has this week opened a new office in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Integr8, which previously serviced South America from its US offices, says now is an ideal time to establish a local trading desk as the market is becoming increasingly dynamic following the sale of state-owned refineries in recent years.

Until two years ago, Petrobras owned the largest and almost all other local refineries in Brazil. It was the only physical bunker fuel oil supplier in the country, alongside other players that supplied the market exclusively with Marine Gas Oil (MGO).

The market has since evolved, and a year ago the first non-Petrobras bunker fuel oil delivery was made. Several physical bunker suppliers have made recent entries and brought fresh dynamism, more pricing opportunities and greater delivery flexibility to Brazil’s bunker market.

A more diverse field of fuel producers and bunker suppliers has unlocked new opportunities that buyers in the know stand to benefit from. The types of fuels available has expanded to include most of the top fuel oil and gasoil grades, and a selection of lower-carbon products. These supply chain developments are expected to help Brazilian ports compete with long-established bunkering ports worldwide.

Integr8 fuels brazil head Lucas Costa de Oliveira

Integr8 Fuels new trading desk is led by Lucas Oliveira, a Brazilian industrial engineer with a background in marine sales, trading, fuels distribution, new business development, and the commercial aviation market. With an MBA degree in Oil and Gas Management from Fundação Getulio Vargas and representing the 4th generation in his family to work in shipping, Lucas is excited to witness the latest developments in the sector.

“We are pleased to be closer to our clients in South America, offering on the ground support as they navigate a more complex and vibrant supply chain. With Integr8’s local and international market intelligence and expertise alongside them, clients will be well-supported to make the best of these new opportunities. And as the landscape continues to evolve, we’ll be strengthening both new and existing supplier relationships.” Lucas said.

In addition to providing access to all the main fuel grades, Integr8 continues to establish itself in the alternative fuels space.

“We’re geared up to assist clients in the move to lower carbon options and are strengthening our network coverage of lower carbon fuels such as biofuels and LNG.” Lucas added.

Since launching in 2011, Integr8 has rapidly established itself as a top 5 bunker trading company, supplying 5,000+ vessels annually via 450+ vetted suppliers. We’re an internationally recognised fuel management provider, transforming bunker procurement by providing clients with clarity in an increasingly complex marketplace. Over many years we have nurtured and curated our trusted bunker supplier network, with quality and reliability as the foundations of our partner selection criteria.

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