EPS Signs MoU with MAN Energy Solutions on Ammonia Training Development

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EPS Ammonia Training MAN ES

MAN Energy Solutions signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS) at the Posidonia 2024 International Shipping Exhibition in Piraeus, Greece, for the development of crew training in handling ammonia as marine fuel on vessels.

Signed by Cyril Ducau, Chief Executive Officer of EPS, and Bjarne Foldager, Country Manager, Denmark for MAN Energy Solutions, the MoU will enable EPS to train alongside MAN Energy Solutions’ engineers in the safe handling of ammonia for its dual-fuel engines. It will also involve developing training materials to enhance capability building in the transportation of alternative fuels like ammonia over time. Both signatories are committed to advancing this process in collaboration with classification societies and regulators.

Cyril Ducau, CEO of EPS, stated “This MoU not only underscores the significance of our partnership with MAN Energy Solutions as we lead the industry’s green transformation but also complements our recent commitment to collaborate with stakeholders like the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore to create a safe environment for the transportation of alternative fuels like ammonia. It will enable us to address challenges comprehensively, develop tailored training, enhance crew safety, and strengthen environmental aspects as we decarbonize the global shipping industry safely.”

MAN Energy Solutions partnership with EPS has a long history. Currently, EPS is collaborating with MAN Energy Solutions to enable the delivery of MAN B&W dual-fuel ammonia engines for several Very Large Ammonia Carriers and Newcastlemax bulkers. Recently, MAN Energy Solutions presented EPS with a plaque commemorating the one-thousandth dual-fuel engine order received for one of EPS vessels.

Bjarne Foldager, Country Manager, Denmark for MAN Energy Solutions commented, “At MAN Energy Solutions, we have always been impressed by EPS’ seafaring personnel, who have proven themselves eminently capable of adapting to change and tackling all manner of technical challenges. This ‘can-do’ spirit and commitment to excellence will serve them well when handling an alternative fuel like ammonia and its unique challenges. The training EPS personnel will receive will cover a range of innovations and safety measures incorporated into our ammonia engine design to ensure safe and reliable operation at sea. I can think of no better launch partner with whom we could have worked.”

Ammonia as Marine Fuel

Ammonia is emerging as a promising marine fuel, offering significant potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the shipping industry. As a carbon-free fuel, ammonia produces no CO2 when burned, making it an attractive option for vessels striving to meet stringent environmental regulations. Moreover, its high energy density allows for efficient propulsion, making it a feasible alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

With ongoing advancements in technology and infrastructure for ammonia production and storage, the maritime sector is increasingly exploring its viability as a sustainable fuel source. Collaborative efforts, such as the partnership between EPS and MAN Energy Solutions, are crucial in developing the necessary expertise and infrastructure to facilitate the widespread adoption of ammonia as a marine fuel, driving the industry towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Source Eastern Pacific Shipping