NYK, JERA and Resonac’s Joint Study for Ammonia as Marine Fuel

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nyk line JERA Resonac Study on Ammonia for Maritime

In a significant move towards achieving zero emissions in the maritime industry, NYK, JERA Co., Inc. (JERA), and Resonac Holdings Corporation (Resonac) have entered into a strategic partnership to conduct a joint study on supplying ammonia as marine fuel to vessels.

Project Overview: As part of the Green Innovation Fund Project by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), NYK is actively engaged in the research and development of an innovative tugboat, known as the Ammonia Tug (A-Tug), equipped with a domestic ammonia-fueled engine. The completion of the A-Tug is scheduled for June next year, marking a crucial milestone in the initiative.

Key Objectives: The collaborative study focuses on key objectives aimed at ensuring the safe and secure supply of ammonia as marine fuel:

  1. Establishment of safe operation methods for supplying ammonia to vessels.
  2. Creation of a robust system for transporting and receiving ammonia as marine fuel within port areas.
  3. Advocacy with relevant authorities for the formulation of rules governing the supply of ammonia as a marine fuel.

Background: As the shipping industry intensifies efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions amid the global shift towards a decarbonized society, the exploration of alternative fuels gains prominence. Ammonia, being a carbon dioxide (CO2)-free fuel when combusted, holds significant potential for contributing to the prevention of global warming.

Additionally, the use of carbon dioxide-free hydrogen as the raw material for ammonia allows for achieving zero emissions throughout the fuel’s life cycle.

Significance of the Joint Study: The joint study addresses a critical gap, as there are currently no precedents for bunkering ammonia as marine fuel for vessels equipped with ammonia-fueled engines. The successful implementation of this study is poised to accelerate the adoption of ammonia as a viable marine fuel, propelling the shipping sector toward a sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

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