Dynamic Fuels Seeks Bunker and Lubricants Trader in Madrid

by Admin

Dynamic Fuels is a global bunker trading and brokering company, primarily focused on marine fuels, lubricants and chemicals. Managing the purchase of the products for our clients and coordinating the supply with all parties involved in the delivery for a smooth operation, Dynamic Fuels provide price in planned and alternative ports looking for the best option for the clients.

We are hiring and looking for a Bunker and Lubricants Trader in Madrid:

Job Description

  • Promotion and management of the sale of the services offered by the company according to the area and dependency center
  • Maintenance of the commercial portfolio and acquisition of new clients
  • Market research and search for new business opportunities
  • Opening of client file, credit application and dispatch authorization
  • Contact and negotiation with customers and suppliers
  • Monitoring of customer-related incidents (billing and operations)
  • Participation and monitoring of commercial campaigns and initiatives marked by Management
  • Management of sales confirmation and invoicing (payment follow-up)
  • Search for suppliers in other countries (for the line of credit)

Source: Social Media Dynamic Fuels