CPG Bunkering: Seamless Services at Nacala and Maputo Ports

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CPG Bunkering supplies in Maputo Nacala

In response to a surge in demand triggered by vessels rerouting from the Red Sea, CPG Bunkering, a leading player in bunkering services, is diligently replenishing fuel oil and gasoil stocks at both Nacala and Maputo ports. This strategic move is aimed at accommodating the growing influx of vessels seeking reliable bunkering services in South-Eastern Africa.

Nacala and Maputo, already favored by traditional cargo callers and bunker-only customers on global trade routes, have witnessed a notable uptick in demand. CPG Bunkering, a subsidiary of Civitas Partners Group, is successfully managing the increased demand at both ports without causing congestion, ensuring uninterrupted services for its clientele.

About CPG Bunkering

CPG Bunkering, a subsidiary of Civitas Partners Group, has been an integral part of the bunkering landscape in Southern Africa since 2012. The company is renowned for its competitive and efficient bunkering services, particularly in Nacala. Equipped with its own storage facilities and in-port delivery barge, CPG Bunkering can supply various grades of marine fuels both at anchorage and at berth.

The company’s vessels boast extensive experience in Ship-to-Ship (STS) operations, having transferred over 600,000 tons of fuels since commencing operations in Nacala in 2018. This expertise positions CPG Bunkering as a reliable partner for vessels seeking top-notch bunkering services in the region.

As vessels increasingly choose the South-Eastern Africa route, CPG Bunkering remains committed to meeting the growing demands of its customers. The company’s ability to provide seamless services, coupled with its track record of operational excellence, reinforces its position as a key player in the bunkering industry in the region.

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