Titan’s Green Zeebrugge First LNG Bunkering for AIDAnova

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Titan LNG Bunkering Aidanova cruise in hamburg

In a historic achievement, Titan, the independent clean fuel supplier, successfully fueled the AIDAnova, an AIDA Cruises vessel, with approximately 1244 cubic meters of liquefied natural gas (LNG) using first time the LNG Bunker Vessel Green Zeebrugge at the Steinwerder Cruise Terminal in Hamburg. This momentous bunkering operation signifies a groundbreaking advancement in promoting sustainable and eco-friendly solutions within the maritime industry.

The Successful Operation Highlights:

  1. Sustainable Maritime Practices: The bunkering of Aidanova with Green Zeebrugge showcases a steadfast commitment to environmentally responsible practices in the maritime sector. It sets a new standard for the seamless integration of sustainable fuels in maritime operations.
  2. Efficiency and Viability: The flawless execution of this operation underscores the efficiency and viability of cleaner solutions provided by Titan. It demonstrates the feasibility of incorporating sustainable fuels into routine maritime activities.
  3. Global Collaboration: This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the close cooperation of all parties involved. Titan extends sincere appreciation to the crews of both vessels, Cruise Gate Hamburg, and AIDA Cruises for their invaluable contributions.

About Titan:

Established in Amsterdam in 2012, Titan has been a trailblazer in supplying liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biomethane (LBM), also known as BioLNG. Titan specializes in providing end-to-end clean fuel solutions for the maritime industry (LNG Bunkering), ensuring reliable availability and supply worldwide.

This achievement reaffirms Titan’s position as a leader in advancing sustainable and environmentally conscious solutions for the maritime sector. As the industry continues to embrace cleaner alternatives, Titan remains dedicated to pioneering initiatives that contribute to a greener future.

Source Titan