GS Caltex Expands Biofuels Supply Chain to Singapore

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GS Caltex Singapore Pte Ltd has achieved a significant milestone in its sustainable energy endeavors, announcing the successful sale of its first cargo of biofuel-blended marine gasoil (bio-MGO) to Maersk Oil Trading (MOT). The transaction, completed at the bustling Singapore bunker hub, marks a pivotal step in GS Caltex’s strategic plans to broaden its biofuels supply chain globally.

The sale involved the delivery of 1,000 metric tons of marine gasoil blended with 24% Used Cooking Oil Methyl Ester (UCOME) to MOT’s bunker barge on an ex-wharf basis on November 8.

In pursuit of its commitment to sustainable practices, GS Caltex had leased 10,000 cubic meters of biofuel storage tanks at Jurong Port Universal Terminal earlier this year. This strategic move facilitated the blending of bio-MGO, with UCOME sourced from Malaysia and certified by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC). The gasoil components were procured from GS Caltex’s refinery in South Korea and other Asian countries, blended at the terminal.

The unique biofuel blend consists of UCOME blended with 0.1% MGO to produce a cleaner alternative for ships, addressing the maritime industry’s growing emphasis on reducing emissions. GS Caltex, already a major player in Singapore’s marine gasoil market, with monthly sales volumes averaging at 120,000 tonnes this year, aims to significantly increase the supply of bio-blended MGO.

While biofuel bunkering trials gain momentum globally, GS Caltex’s venture stands out as it focuses on bio-MGO, a relatively rare blend for bunkering in Singapore. Most trials to date have involved marine fuel blends derived from mixing biofuel with fuel oil, as opposed to gasoil.

Singapore has witnessed a remarkable surge in the adoption of biofuel-blended marine fuels, with total sales exceeding 300,000 tons in 2023 according to data from the Singapore Maritime and Port Authority.

GS Caltex, a leading player in the energy and chemical industry, showcases its commitment to innovation and growth in petroleum production. With refineries boasting a formidable daily capacity of 785,000 barrels, the company employs state-of-the-art automated facilities, including advanced desulfurization plants. Focused on stabilizing the domestic petroleum supply.

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