Titan’s First-Ever STS LNG Bunkering Operation in Hamburg

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Titan first lng sts bunker hamburg

We are delighted to announce that Titan has successfully completed the first two Ship-to-Ship LNG bunker operations in Hamburg. Our team takes immense pride in achieving these two milestones, marking a significant expansion of LNG bunker operations across different locations.

On August 14th, we showcased our commitment to smooth operations by carrying out the second LNG bunkering for the Vox Ariane, a vessel owned by Van Oord. Our ship, Optimus, effectively bunkered a total of 808 cbm of LNG.

This accomplishment builds upon our previous achievement on the 31st of July, when we achieved the first-ever Ship-to-Ship LNG bunkering operation in Hamburg, also for the Vox Ariane. These landmarks highlight not only Titan’s expertise and dedication but also a substantial step forward for the industry as we embrace cleaner and more sustainable fuel options.

This operation would not have been possible without the close collaboration among all parties involved. We extend our gratitude to the crews of both vessels for their outstanding work, the port Cruise Gate Hamburg for their support, and Van Oord for entrusting us with these historic endeavors.

As we continue to lead the way towards a greener maritime future, Titan remains steadfast in its mission to drive innovation and progress in LNG bunkering. We eagerly anticipate building on our partnerships, exploring fresh opportunities, and contributing to a more environmentally sustainable maritime sector.

Titan has been a leading supplier of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and  liquefied biomethane (LBM), also known as BioLNG, since 2012 when it was established in Amsterdam. Titan specialises in providing shipping customers with end-to-end clean fuel solutions. This includes project planning, supply and delivery, as well as risk management and hedging services to mitigate price fluctuations. As an independent company, we can work with other suppliers of low carbon and carbon neutral marine fuels to enable reliable availability and supply anywhere in the world.

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