Yanmar’s First Delivery of Maritime Hydrogen Fuel Cell System

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Yanmar Maritime Hydrogen Fuel Cell System

Yanmar Makes First Delivery of Maritime Hydrogen Fuel Cell System to Hybrid Passenger Ship

Yanmar Power Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd, has made its first delivery of its newly commercialized maritime hydrogen fuel cell system, introduced in August 2023. This system was supplied to the passenger ship HANARIA, operated by MOTENA-Sea, a company backed by Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. and other investors.

The HANARIA, Japan’s first hybrid passenger ship to use both hydrogen and biodiesel, represents a significant breakthrough in achieving carbon neutrality. This innovative vessel operates with an onboard electric propulsion system that powers the ship’s drive using generated electricity. Yanmar PT took charge of the ship’s comprehensive power system design, incorporating two hydrogen fuel cells, batteries, biodiesel generators, power management system, propulsion equipment, remote monitoring, and other elements.

In addition, when running solely on the hydrogen fuel cell system and batteries, the ship creates zero emissions, with notable reductions in power source vibrations and noise, and the elimination of exhaust gas odors, contributing towards a pleasant onboard environment.

The Yanmar Group is advancing the YANMAR GREEN CHALLENGE 2050 to realize a sustainable society. Yanmar PT will continue to provide environmentally friendly solutions to support its customers’ decarbonization efforts.

Equipment Specifications

ModelGH240FC (hydrogen fuel cell system)
Rated output240 kW x 2 units
DimensionsW2,700 x D1,100 x H1,700 mm
Weight2,400 kg
FuelHydrogen (ISO14687 type I, Grade D)
EmissionsZero emissions (CO2, NOX, SOX, PM emissions)
Japan First Hybrid Passenger ship Hanaria

About Yanmar

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