Fast Bunkering Begins Supply at KhorFakkan Anchorage, UAE

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Fast Bunkering Physical Bunkering in Khorfakkan

Fast Bunkering Launches Physical Supply Operations at KhorFakkan Anchorage, UAE in Collaboration with East Wind FZE

In a significant expansion of its global operations, Fast Bunkering has proudly announced the commencement of physical supply services at the anchorage area of KhorFakkan, UAE, in partnership with East Wind FZE, the local license holder. Fast Bunkering, a renowned physical supplier, is recognized for its comprehensive bunker and lubricating oil product supplies across various regions, including Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and now the UAE.

The company specializes in delivering a wide range of bunker and lubricating oil products, including Gasoil DMA 0.1%, IFO380, IFO180, RMD80, and VLSFO. The company offers flexibility in delivery options, whether it be through ex-pipe, barge, or trucks, providing clients with convenience and choice.

The company’s entry into the anchorage area of KhorFakkan marks a strategic move, taking advantage of the region’s growing maritime activities. By collaborating with East Wind FZE, Fast Bunkering aims to strengthen its presence in the UAE and offer its renowned services to the expanding maritime industry in the region.

Fast Bunkering expresses gratitude for the support received thus far and looks forward to contributing to the maritime sector’s growth and development in KhorFakkan and beyond.

Port Khorfakkan, established in 1978, is one of the world’s leading container transhipment ports. Its strategic location on Sharjah’s Indian Ocean coast, outside the sensitive Straits of Hormuz, is ideal for transhipment to the upper Gulf, the Red Sea region, and East African destinations.

Port Khorfakkan’s unrivaled geographical advantage is further enhanced by its excellent capacity for storage at 450,000 sq. meters, with 3,000 sq. meters dedicated transit shed and storage area for LCL cargo, and the capacity to accommodate over 1,000 reefer containers. The port is linked to an inland container depot through which serves the UAE market.

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